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Revolution Episode 1
Published on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 by

The new show from JJ Abrams introduces us to a world where the lights went out for good.

You’ve most likely seen the previews by now, there’s been a lot of ads for this show. The basic premise is that all the world’s power; electricity, battries, combustion engines, etc..; just shuts off one day. The show opens 15 years after the black out and we see what’s become of the world.

The show was created by Eric Kipke and has J.J. Abrams as an executive producer. Jon Favreau is on board for the first episode as an executive producer as well as the director of the pilot. The series stars Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth and others.

Without giving away any spoilers the first episode does an excellent job of setting up the show. We get a decent look at what life is like in a “big” city (Chicago), an outlying village, a rural homestead and we get some good looks at the country. Through conversations we learn that there are bandits, militia and the country is divided up into smaller republics. In a nutshell, we get enough to understand what is going on and how things stand.

There are little things that really help sell the show. The fifteen years means that there will be people around that remember what life was like pre-blackout. Comments about owning part of google really help highlight how different it is. But it’s Esposito’s Captain Neville’s comment about what he was before the blackout and what he is doing now that drives home the point that a lot can change in fifteen years.

Unlike many post-apocalyptic worlds, this one isn’t desolate, and in some ways it harkens back to an almost better time before technology. The green is growing again, overwhelming much that had been built. Aside from the bandits and the militia controling everything, life could be good.

The first episode also does a great job of setting up the central mystery. I’m not usually a fan of everyone being connected, but the way this is set up, it actually works. With Nelville being sent by General Monroe to get the Matheson brothers, it makes sense that Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) will be the central character. The mystery will revolve around her and her family, but it’s not forced in. Because of the excellent set up, it is natural.

It what an interesting mystery it is. I can see some serious Lost potential here, with more and more questions being asked and no answers being given. But so far, the show is well done.

The central character, Charlie Matheson, played by Spiridakos is well written and well cast. She’s not a “super” character, she actually ends up needing to be saved a couple of times in the episode. And this is good, because a lot of the time the central character is too good, but Charlie is not. Spiridakos does great with Charlie, showing some inner fear and strength, when appropiate. My girlfriend noticed a strong connection to Jennifer Lawerence’s Katniss, from the Hunger Games.

Interesting premise, excellent set up, good cast. This show makes it onto the DVR. Hopefully it’ll stick around for a couple of seasons. Going head-to-head with Monday Night Football was a mistake I think, but will have to wait and see.

Revolution Episode 1 receives
5 out of 5

4 Responses
    • Did I miss this premiere? This is one of the shows this fall that I wanted to check out. I did catch Mob Doctor and enjoyed it. I don’t watch much appointment television and I don’t DVR so I’m usually out of the loop until the DVDs.

    • I caught the first episode tonight—I guess it was a rebroadcast of the first episode because it felt like one. Tranquil city is disturbed, a leader is dead, and a mystery is established. I like the look of the show. I like the over grown remnants of the world. I like the high concept sci-fi/fantasy of the show. Reality be danged. I want to see something fantastic when I watch television. I agree that this is a great start to a promising series.

      This is a show that could have been a comic book. :)

    • How many episodes have I missed since I caught the first one? Oh well, I was able to tune in tonight, finally find this on TV, and catch right up. I’m sure I’m missing some over arching arc moments but the episode itself was fairly accessible.

      I will need this on DVD. What I have watched seems promising.

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