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Talking Football #2
Published on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by

It’s week two of the 2012 Football season and it got started off with a bang on Thursday night: Bears vs Packers.

What happened to the Bears? The offense just sucked hard on Thursday night. Cutler made some bad throws but his receivers didn’t help him out at all. Neither did his offensive line.

On to the Football thoughts.

1) The new opening to Thursday Night Football? It’s okay, but I can’t stand Ce-Lo Green. He looks ridiculous in that stupid spaceman suit (and he does have small arms, reference to a joke on the local morning show here). I like seeing all the fans dressed up and ready for Football but get rid of Ce-Lo, or at least the spaceman suit.

2) Why don’t teams do fake field goals more often? It worked good for the Packers, scoring the game’s first touchdown. Holder Masthay passed the ball to back-up tight end Tom Crabtree who ran it in for a TD. Years ago the Patriots had a punter/holder named Tom Tupa. Tupa was a former college quarterback and was actually the 3rd QB on the Pats depth chart. He did throw for TDs a couple of times from fake field goals.

If I was the Jets, I’d have Tim Tebow as my holder. Can you imagine the havoc that would play on defenses? It’s Tebow, he’s a passing and running threat. Will he keep the ball, pass it to someone else or run it himself?

Don’t forget, field goals come on 4th down, so it could be a 4th and 1 situation. So why not have the holder run with it?

The Crabtree run almost didn’t happen. When he turned to take the pass, the defensive player he was meant to block was directly behind him. If the defense hadn’t bitten on the Crosby (field goal kicker) fake run, Crabtree would have been tackled for no gain. And no points.

But you know what? The attempt alone would have been worth not getting any points.

3) I like the announcing team of Dick Stockton and John Lynch. Too bad they’re on Fox. I wouldn’t mind seeing them cover more games.

4) It’s nice to see Suzy Kolber getting more spotlight. She’s the only sideline reporter I actually liked and the only one that really ever had anything useful to say. Nice to see her anchoring her own show. And is it just me, or did she get prettier?

5) Two signs that coaching matters: the 0-2 New Orleans Saints and Alex Smith. The Saints pretty much return the same team from last year. The only difference? No Sean Payton. So much for all the talk at the beginning of the season about how the loss of Payton wouldn’t affect them. They’re not going to be a bad team, they’ll finish 9-7 or 8-8 and miss the playoffs, there are too many weapons on offense.

Alex Smith was pretty much thought of as a bust. Then John Harbaugh came to town. Who’s the bust now?

6) Josh Morgan, that was the stupidest thing you could have done.

7) There’s no way that Vick and the Eagles can keep it up. They’ve turned the ball over 9 times in 2 games and have barely won on last drive touchdowns. Not going to keep happening all season. The turnovers are going to end up costing the Eagles. Andy Reid better come up with a fix, and fast.

8 ) There’s been a lot of talk about the end of the Giants/Bucs game, when Greg Schiano had his guys push when Eli Manning and the Giants were in “victory formation” for the kneel down. A couple of points: 1- I hate the kneel down. The talk was about sportsmanship, but at this level isn’t it bad sportsmanship to rub it in your opponents face that you won and there’s nothing they can do about it? 2- Schiano was out of line. Yes, the kneel down is a dumb play, but having your guys push for the very slim chance of a turnover is just bad form.

9) Why do tipped ball interceptions count against the quarterback? It’s not his fault if the ball gets tipped and caught by the other team. It’s not his fault if the receiver doesn’t catch it cleanly and it gets caught by the other team. Overthrown/underthrown balls? Yes. Those are the QBs fault and should count. But tipped balls? No.

10) I have a feeling that this year will really be the year of parity in the NFL. There are a lot of good 1-1 teams out there right now: Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys. A lot of the “elite” teams are 1-1. Of the 2-0s, Atlanta and San Fran will hold on the longest and might be the only “dominate” teams this year. But overall, I think it’ll end up being alot of 11-5 to 9-7 teams.

11) It’s only the second week of the season, so it might be a bit early for this, but time to look at what coaches could be on the hot seat. Right now I only see one based on performance so far, and that’s Pat Shurmur from Cleveland. I can see Cleveland ditching the coach and GM and just starting from scratch. I don’t think there will be that many firings this year. Dennis Allen is in year one, I see him being given a second year to show some progress. Same with Mike Mularky down in Jacksonville.

Depending on how the teams end up: Andy Reid of the Eagles, Chan Gailey of the Bills and Norv Turner of the Chargers will be on the chopping block.

12) Last week I mentioned three players that I thought the Fantasy waiver wire would be going nuts over; Kevin Ogletree, Brandon Stokley and Andrew Hawkins. Using ESPN’s stats, Hawkins went up +2.2, Ogletree went up +21.6 and Stokley went up +1.1.

Not much action on Hawkins and Stokley, but Ogletree was a hot commodity. In my league all three players got picked up (I snagged Hawkins).

So to see if the move based on one game is worth it, I’m going to keep an eye on all three all season. This is Fantasy only.

Stokley got 2 points in Week 1 and 2 points in Week 2. He’s projected for 2 points in Week 3.
Hawkins got 8 points in Week 1 and 11 points in Week 2. He’s projected for 5 in Week 3.
Ogletree got 23 points in Week 1 and 2 points in Week 2. He’s projected for 5 in Week 3.

Stokley might go up in points. He was targeted a lot by Manning during Monday’s game. I see that continuing, since I don’t think Manning has confidence in Decker or Thomas yet. Stokley just has to catch the ball.

Ogletree will probably settle around 5-10 points a week. Week 2 will be a fluke, since Dallas got hammered across the board.

Hawkins will probably be in the 5-10 points a week area as well.

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