The GeeksverseChet is my new favorite character?

Chet is my new favorite character?
Published on Friday, September 21, 2012 by

IDW’s TMNT Micro-Series issue about the Fugitoid, number 8, makes me want to re-read the entire two title series and pay more attention to Chet. Chet just became my new favorite character. This renewed Turtle title has been great. I’ve enjoyed both the regular title and the Micro-series title. Both titles work well together. They could be read independently but I can’t see why I would want to do that. If someone is only going to read one issue then it should be the Fugitoid issue. Perhaps that is overly dramatic hyperbole but that is how I feel at the moment after being blown away by this issue.

The April O’Neil issue, # 7, was great. It drew together all of the pieces of April mythology that it could and made a coherent story from the odd pieces. It also pulled together everything we knew about the character from this run and solidified the character. It was good.

Fuigtoid did something different by providing the background on Dr. Honeycutt and the Nuetrinos.

Issue #8 was great, but the last few pages made me want to re-read the 20 issue or so run again. That is a compelling story twist that makes me want to see it all unfold again. Well done. Well done.

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