The GeeksverseIt is a good week for Major Bludd fans

It is a good week for Major Bludd fans
Published on Friday, September 21, 2012 by

IDW’s G.I. Joe releases both feature Major Bludd in Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #3 and Cobra #17. IDW is releasing fairly meaty previews at the moment. It makes me feel like I’ve read an entire story by the time I’ve looked at all of the new releases for the week. It also make it a little odd when I pick up the issue from my local comic book shop and flip past the first half of the book because I’ve already read it. What an odd problem.

From the lengthy previews these look like fun books and good reads. This has been another good month for G.I. Joe comic fans. IDW has been on a role for the past three seasons.

Danger Girl GI Joe #3
It’s the most dangerous event of the summer, and the action continues right here!

Abbey Chase has been working behind enemy lines as an Agent of COBRA, but when the G.I. JOE strike force puts the Danger Girl team in the line of fire, who will Abbey side with to win the battle?

Phillip Noy, Andy Hartnell, John Royle, Neil Uyetake on the creative side feeling inspired by the cartoons.

Cobra #17
They call him BLUDD!

Major Bludd takes center stage in this spine-shattering issue! What makes Bludd tick and who does he have to kill next? Locked in prison, he’s still deadly-so who wants him free?

Mike Costa, Neil Uyetake, Werther Dell’Edera creative team continuing the ongoing story.

G.I. Joe #17 has been out for a week, but if you missed it then it is also worth picking up. G.I. Joe #17 finishes a story arc by returning Scarlett and her team returning to the new new base and realizing that they have to track down one of their own. USS Flagg and Shipwreck fans should enjoy this issue.  It looks like Chuck Dixon is bring back a Dark Snake Eyes run which hopefully will have a better resolution than Hama’s.

GI Joe #17

COBRA’s scheme to take the Joes public goes viral. America’s most secret fighting force is on the run!

COBRA COMMANDER dispenses his own rewards for failure. Copperback a prisoner of the JOEs! And SCARLETT learns that SNAKE EYES is still alive and confronts Helix in an encounter only one of them may survive!

Chuck Dixon, Alex Cal, and Romulo Fajardo serve as creative team working on this on going title helping to build the new Joe universe.






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