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G.I. Joe & Cobra #17
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The Joe team is starting to shape up and strike back. Cobra has been terrorizing America’s Elite Team for years now in this renewed IDW continuity, but Joe is finally starting to take the offensive and hold it.

The main IDW continuity is three titles strong and has been developing for over three years. Penned by Chuck Dixon and Mike Costa this reality has shown Cobra to be a vicious and nearly unstoppable force which is a drastic departure from the ineptitude of the cartoon and minor successes of the Marvel run.

G.I. Joe #17

In its entiriety the three titles link together to tell one tale. After the Cobra Command story arc the three titles separated into three distinct titles. Snake Eyes is clearly following the ninja action on his own rouge mission. G.I. Joe follows the main group of good guys  embroiled in a mess trying to protect a country that is turning against it. Cobra follows a splinter cell of espionage style Joe agents using double agent intel to attack the massive organization.

The most recent G.I. Joe story arc sent Scarlett and a small band of Joes into danger. They were captured and imprisoned underground in a mine shaft near the machinations of Dr. Mindbender. With the help of a relentless stalker the group was able to battle its way free and return home to the wandering base of the Joes.

Issue #17 is the classic epilogue wrapping up story lines and anticipating the next. In this case a few things of note are happening. Dr. Mindbender is disgraced in the eyes of Cobra Commander. Duke is getting vicious on a prisoner trying to get closer to Destro and Cobra. Scarlett finds out that Snake Eyes is alive and thinks she needs to track him down. It sets up a Joe against Joe battle that will only be part of the upcoming story.

Cobra #17

Cobra #17 focuses on Bludd. Bludd was a once contender for the mantle of Cobra Commander, but the events of the Cobra Civil War left him in a vulnerable position. Vulnerable is not a position Bludd is used to being in.

As summer officially gives way to fall the body count is still adding up in this G.I. Joe continuity.


















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