The GeeksverseYoung Justice Comic Moves Into Second Season in #20

Young Justice Comic Moves Into Second Season in #20
Published on Saturday, September 22, 2012 by

The Young Justice cartoon jumped five years over the summer and returned to season 2 with a larger cast ready for a world wide invasion while the core Justice League is off world. It is an interesting move. The comic catches up in this issue. I like how they used Dick Grayson’s Robin’s notes to help jump the time in the last issue. “All of the aster and none of the dis” ended Young Justice #19 well.

In full disclosure, I think this is how a comic should be in the modern day. I always use these reviews as a bully pulpit to rave about how a comic and cartoon tied together can bring in new comic readers and serve as a gateway into the world of comics. It is still true. I’m happy to see DC try this formula again with the new Green Arrow debuting this fall.

I’m a huge fan of the earlier Peter David/Todd Nauck Young Justice which this animated series only draws from sparingly, but this newer version is a better gateway formula. Granted, I’d love to see a cartoon based on the David/Nauck run, but this is what it is and it is still great.

I’m a huge fan of this share continuity between the comic and the cartoon, however, I was disappointed in this issue, #20, of the comic. It was fine but not up to the same standard as the other comics. Sure, some of the comics have been stand alone stories that could be skipped, and in fact everything in the comics can be skipped by casual fans without disrupting the show’s approachability. In the past the creative team has done a fabulous job of weaving together independent stories that still matter. The comics have had nice character development that adds to what is shown on the television screens and DVDs. This comic was satisfaction with a little too much dis or my taste.

One of the recurring elements of the show and comic both is the inclusion of date, time and locations. It is handy, but some how it read less effectively in this issue. Perhaps it was the time jump that made the flow seem off.

Robin/Nightwing’s birthday is a nice moment. Showing his former love interests coming to celebrate is fun. The art a nice wry glance from the current Robin which could set up their future dynamic. Overall, it was meh.

I like the new cast. Including Wonder Girl and Garr/Beast Boy is nice.

This is still an issue I’d recommend for young readers and fans of the show, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t warn older readers that it gets better.



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