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Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #3
Published on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by

I’ve been on a super soldier kick recently. Perhaps the Danger Girl/G.I. Joe cast has no super serums or nano technology bloodstreams but they are larger than life soldiers having fun mixing military and camp, cartoons and toys, into a great miniseries.This is a fun series. Less gritty and deadly than the Mike Costa/Chuck Dixon universe also being published by IDW this Danger Girl cross over is also less serious than the Larry Hama version of the characters.

The camp is fun but a love of the G.I. Joe characters is still evident. The details are fun. Bringing Flint a Cobra uniform so he can change in and slip out reminds me of the toy with Flint in disguise.

Lots of Zartan, Major Bludd, Destro, and plenty of Cobra higher guard even if the head snake has kept to the shadows.

I’m not a Danger Girl fan so I cannot comment on their usage or characterization but they seem to fit in well.

Plot holes? Not that bother me. It’ll all work out fun.

Comics can be fun.

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