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Masters of the Universe #2
Published on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 by

Masters of the DC Universe #2 is out finally. Luckily I added it to the pull list at the comic shop or I would have forgotten to look for it. This toy brand driven title is still not connected to the New 52 which is a good thing. No Kryptonians.In the last issue we were introduced to a familiar looking Adam the simple woodsman with lofty dreams. When Adam tried to leave his dying father and home behind Beastman intervened. However, the simple woodsman wielded the wood axe like a battle axe and escaped.

In this issue Beastman has to answer to Skeletor for that failure. The punishment might have been a tad bit Darth Vader but it does show off the now all powerful Skeletor as a force to be dealt with and not a cartoonish buffoon.

Masters of the Universe #2 focuses heavily on the villains in this issue. Skeletor is forcing his nephew to live humbly and die quickly even in Adam ‘s body is living out a life he does not remember.

Overall, it is a good issue. It is deviating from the cartoons that I grew up with, but honestly, it needed a reboot and a change. She-Ra had a better story line than the earlier He-Man cartoons which were more focused on cartoon quantity than quality.

My pull bag list is mostly versions of stories that I knew as a younger fan: He-Man, Batman Beyond, G.I. Joe, Bloodshot, TMNT, !mpact characters, and Venom. Let’s face it, Young Justice is filling my Super Friends need. Perhaps it is nostalgia. I’m looking for more than just homages when I revisit the characters and stories of my youth. I do like odd variations of the same.  Given that I am fine with some liberties with the story. Uncle Skeletor? Skeletor winning? Disgraced Randor? Kronis leading a marauding desert nomadship? So far so good.

If this book stays on schedule and ships closer between issues I can see myself really getting into it. If I have to wait another two months then I probably won’t care anymore than I did when I realized I had He-Man last week. Reading this book was not a priority even though it was ultimately satisfied.

I’m still not convinced that this is any better than the MV Creations short lived He-Man series from earlier in 200x.

I would like to see DC Nation animate this as  a direct to dvd offering. It probably won’t happen but this would be great next to the Snake Fighting 200x series.

I prefer the 4 Horseman designed toys to the new comic character designs but they aren’t that different from what I expected.

I still want this comic faster which is good because like many of the other revival titles at the moment I’m enjoying this new take. This isn’t DC’s only sword and sorcery title at the moment.  Week three of the Zero Issues reveals a bit of sword play in the rest of the DC titles by Christy Marx.

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