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Batman Beyond Unlimited #8
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I loved it, then I hated it but understood why, then I was indifferent to it, then I loved it when it brought in the a new character, it proved why it wasn’t a kids title, and then I hated it again, but then it became good. That was all within the span of the first story and 20 pages. The opening story was an extension of the Jokerz problem with Terry as Batman fighting a world gone mad. The Jokerz from all over the world have made a pilgrimage to Gotham to follow a new Joker King character. The Joker King is tied to Terry’s small group of high school friends nicely. This story also picked up the disgraced security guard that is now Vigilante. That disgraced guard is tied nicely to the pilot episode of the Batman Beyond cartoon. The Justice League is apparently off world. Bruce is out of the Batcave and out of commission. Max is being abducted. Terry is on his own to build a new protectorate out of minor characters and series regulars. The wild Cat woman is back. Who else will join in to protect Gotham City?

Overall I’m pleased with the first 20 pages. It is definitely not a kid’s title which is okay but I miss that.

I don’t like the art overall. It bothers me mainly because I want it to look like the title’s original run that was tied to the cartoons.

Bruce Wayne dying? I’m okay with that as inevitable if this title goes on long because the old man can’t live forever. He clearly won’t go back to the Lazarus Pit after his last experience on the cartoon with Raj.  Bruce Wayne as a pain pill addict? I’m not sure how I will handle that long term.

The second story heads back to Metropolis with a wounded Superman hiding in the Fortress. This is the arc that had old man Wayne back in his costume. The time line bothers me. Is this during the Terry years or before? Now that Batman is not in the arc? The art isn’t the style I like but I like it better than the previous arc. The best news is that it introduces a new character that has been building for a while. Addicted to nano-technology the super police force is gone but one officer is now out of control. Will he be a hero or  a villain after the dust settles? He could be a new Cyborg character or a new Metallo.

The third story is still following the Kobra of the future. It is mostly a building arc that prepares the reader for a battle to come. After the two fight heavy stories this is a down ender but it completes the package nicely.

This title is still  a healthy handful of the Beyond universe. I still want it to leave Metropolis and Gotham and explore the rest of the map, but at least it is bringing in new characters.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #8
Written by: Adam Beechen, J.T. Krul, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
Art: Dustin Nguyen, Derke Fridolfs, Howard Porter, Norm Breyfogle
Cover by: Dustin Nguyen
Pages: 48
On Sale Date:  Sep 19 2012
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