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Happy! #1
Published on Friday, September 28, 2012 by

Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson team up to tell the story of a man and his imaginary talking horse?

Published by: Image Comics Written by: Grant Robertson Art by: Darick Robertson Colored by: Richard P. Clark Lettered by: Simon Bowland Cover by: Jenny Frison

Wow.. What a strange trip the first issue of Happy! was. When I first heard about this project I was sold at Darick Robertson. I’ve been a huge fan of his since the New Warriors days. Never been a big Grant Morrison fan, but I appreciate his work and what he’s done. I’m also not a fan of the “trippy” comic, not usually. But how can anyone not end up liking this story?

A lot of it has a similar feel to Garth Ennis’ work on The Boys. The characters have the same tone, same swagger for lack of a better word. There’s the same language, same out right strangeness and craziness. The hooker wearing angel wings and her client, some guy dressed like a giant bug, just seems like it came out of The Boys.

The character of Nick Sax is made out to be a bad-ass, and that part shows, but he’s also described as being at rock bottom and that’s the part that doesn’t show as well. He’s also made out to be a jerk, but again that doesn’t show as well. There wasn’t anything in this issue to show why Sax is hated, why he’s at rock bottom. Sax is interesting enough to carry the series, as shown, but I wonder if there has to be more to him? And the bit about his eczema, that almost seems like overkill. It could have been removed and the story would have been just as good.

And it was good. It was fun. It was crazy. And Happy just looks like a drug trip gone wrong. But there’s some infectious about the little blue horse. If this was written by anyone but Morrison, could say that the story beats are already laid out. Sax will find redemption through saving the little girl of Happys. But this is Morrison, so can imagine there will be some twists and surprises along the way and that it won’t end well.

I’ve missed Robertson’s work. Russ Braun has been a good fill-in on The Boys, but I’m glad to see Robertson returning to penciling. This was some of his best work. There’s a lot of detail packed into the pages and he seems to be experimenting with different page layouts.

Happy! #1 receives
4 out of 5

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