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G.I. Joe: ARAH #182
Published on Saturday, September 29, 2012 by

This issue reminds me why I still read this title. After the quick resolution to Dark Snake Eyes, blue cyborg ninjas, and other goofy campiness that has made me cringe in the past several issues this reminds me why I’m still reading it month to month.Deception, covertness, multiple operations trying to work toward the same goal. This is a more intricate Joe book than we’ve seen in the past several issues. Or perhaps this is more of a return to the more military minded and less goofy side of G.I. Joe and I find that refreshing. Like the dog fight scene a few issues ago, this is Hama at his best.

Writer Larry Hama

Ron Frenz Artist

Inker Sal Buscema

Colors J. Brown

Letters Neil Uyetake

S.L. Gallant is still my favorite contemporary G.I. Joe artist, but I must give Ron Frenz is due. This is a good looking issue of G.I. Joe. Not only is it well written it is a beauty to read. The character’s body language reads well in the action scenes. The Joes are a bit stiff in the Pitt, but I assume they would be anyway in real life. Duke should seem like he has a stick up his command center.

I think this issue is setting up some nice intricacies in the future.

Cobra is still on the move to a new base. They are being pursued by Joes less than covertly. Darklon is being played by everyone from the Joes to Peony to Zartan.

This is the issue that makes me want to keep buying the series.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Neither cover has much to do with the contents of this comic. The main cover by Frenz and Buscema is a great looking play on the ying yang.  The drawn Larry Hama cover is nice but not quite connected  to the interior. Oh well. By the by, anyone else noticing the number of variant Joe covers is decreasing? I’m not  a variant chaser and typically only buy a single issue no mater how cool the other options are, so I’m not bothered by it but it does seem curious.

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