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Secret Avengers # 31 & Venom #25
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So, when is this happening? The current Secret Avengers arc must be taking place after Venom takes out most of the new Savage Six and before Venom takes on Hellstrom. Right?I’m not sure. An editorial foot note or two would really help. I don’t see the Hawkeye-Venom relationship ever changing substantially enough that it can be a chronological road map. They’re never going to get along.

In this issue Venom thinks that the twisted version of Ghost Rider is out of his weight class as a superhero. That is a common enough refrain from Flash and the alien suit. However, he keeps going and perseveres. That is also a common refrain for Flash and his alien wardrobe. In Venom’s recently concluded arc by Bunn Flash seems to have embraced his role as a super hero more than Remender is writing the inner monologue. That could be the continuity cue or it could be Remender carrying on the monologue that he established for Secret Agent Venom. It is hard to say.

Secret Avengers #31 does not wrap up this story. In fact it keeps the characters hurtling toward the obligatory hero on hero fight scenes. Widow and Hawkeye begin to mix it up nicely in high aerial combat. Venom is about to fight Valkyrie. Fists are still trying to resolve this evil to keep it contained.

Secret Avengers #31 is a well drawn well paced team book. Multiple sites and multiple sights all balanced together. Evil is spreading. The evil council is ruthless but not in a way that gets in the way. The few remaining heroes unaffected by the spreading evil are trying valiantly. This is a nice story that stared with Life Decoy odels and grew into a large scale global problem.

Remender, Scalera, and Wilson do a great job with this issue.

Venom #25 is a milestone. This is a high number for a comic that no one believed would sell well enough to make more than a full story arc. This is also the end of the first solo arc for the current writer, Bunn, that is tasked with carrying this Secret Agent Venom into the future. This is also the last issue before the next mini-cross over event finds out if this character will entice Venom fans into buying Scarlett Spider.

The three issue arc Monsters of Evil has a nice resolution. The immediate threat has been mitigated. Although Venom has left roaming problems that should need fixing later. Venom fights monsters is a book theme that should be common in the future for filler issues between trade paperback ready arcs.

Venom has also courted a new buxom ally. I’m still not sure how that resolves against Venom’s feelings about Valkyrie, but the inevitable fight that should happen in Secret Avengers #32 may fix that. I’m also still bothered that Betty is not a far memory. The blonde reporter just seems like she’ll become more than a casual contact.

Venom #25 ends with the Secret Avengers calling him up and sending him out to a prison break. That should be the kick off of Minimum Carnage that ties this to the next arc. All in all it is a successful issue that shows Flash becoming more at peace with the suit he is bonded to.

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