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Spiderman vs His Sidekick?
Published on Saturday, September 29, 2012 by

The Amazing Spider-Man recently debuted a teenage side kick for the web crawler. The web swinger as a mentor to a new hero was met with mixed review that left many fan raging that this was just another media event. Now, they are coming to blows. That’s not unexpected.In fact, it seems to complete the super hero side kick relationship where the student must punch the master in the face. Perhaps it lacks the subtly of an old kung fu movie but it seems to be part of the archetype.

Has it only been two issues since Andy became Alpha and was adopted as a protege by Peter Parker?

The Amazing Spider-Man #692 was the big anniversary issue wherein an awkward teenager is given amazing power. The familiar origin story wasn’t Peter’s this time but instead another hapless young man needing tutelage to understand his budding powers.

Amazing Spider-Man #693 moves with the subtly of the Sligners in a made for a trade paper back pacing to move Andy/Alpha toward a different path than Peter. With power but less responsibility Alpha doesn’t seem to be turning out how Peter might hope.

Now, Amazing Spider-Man #694…well that didn’t take long.

To all those folks that thought Spidey taking on a young ward was irresponsible and out of character, how do you feel now that this seems to be as potential an origin story for a new closely related villain than it does a new ally? Or will the friendly neighborhood web head wrangle this young man back in, redeem him, and carry on as the mentor?

My magic eight ball is pointing toward one trade paperback worth of story that will dissipate as the series moves forward without Alpha. But that’s just my guess. What do you think will happen next for the young spit fire?

2 Responses
    • What a waste of a couple of issues. All that build-up and it lasts for 3 issues. Spider-Man took the easy way out, depowering Alpha instead of trying to help him out.

      • So, they took what could have been a nice long term device to grow and mature the Spider-Story and cheapened it into an event. Bummer. It could have been cool to see Spider-Man as a mentor because everyone is right. He’s not Batman. Seeing how he would have been a different mentor would have been fun long term exploration. I liked how he had an uneasy mentor relationship with May Day in the MC2 because it felt imperect and human. Marvel is really missing a great potential long term story.


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