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Coming Attractions For 10/03/12
Published on Monday, October 1, 2012 by

It’s the first week of October. Fall is in the air, Halloween is coming and so is new comic book day.

What books of interest come out the first week of October?

For the full list of new releases, check out Diamond’s site.

Books of interest:
Green Lantern #13 (DC Comics)
Stormwatch #13 (DC Comics)
Non-Humans #1 (Image Comics)
Avengers vs X-Men #12 (Marvel Comics)
Amazing Spider-Man #695 (Marvel Comics)

Green Lantern introduces the new GL of Earth, Simon Baz, into the regular books as well as continuing the Rise Of The Third Army storyline. How important is the new GL going to be to the DCU? This is where it starts.

Stormwatch #13 introduces The Demon to modern DCU continuity. This should start to answer some of the questions about just how the Demon Knights are connected to Stormwatch.

Whilce Portacio returns in Non-Humans. The story sounds interesting and should let Portacio really showcase his talents.

Avengers vs X-Men #12. Need we say more?

Amazing Spider-Man starts the countdown to #700, which is the final issue of Amazing. There’s been no new Spider-Man book announced for Marvel Now!, but it’s hard to imagine the MU without at least one Spider-Man book. The Alpha storyline, which got a lot of hype, was a huge let down. Hopefully the build-up to #700 will be worth it.

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    • I can’t imagine Marvel comics without a restarted Amazing Spider-Man. Perhaps it because it is such a long running title or because it was the first title I collected for any length of time and thus I am fond of it, but it just seems odd not to have an Amazing book.

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