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The Long Bomb: 2012 Week 4
Published on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 by

The Saints still haven’t won, the Pats came back to dominate and the Jets got steamrolled. Just another fun weekend in the NFL.

After the debacle that was Packers/Seahawks, everyone knew the real referees would come back. But to standing ovations? It didn’t take long for things to get back to normal with missed calls, blown calls and lots of boos directed to the referees. There was one huge difference and that was in how the games were handled. The regular refs, due to their experience, had better control over the pace and flow of the games. Which was good.

The replacement referees were put in a bad position and there was no way they would have been able to succeed. They were in a no-win. Scrutiny right from the start shined too bright a light on their actions and every little thing they did was magnified.

I’m glad the regular refs are back, so “refgate” can go away. There shouldn’t be this much attention given to the referees. I saw a graphic that showed the names of the referees. I’ve never seen that before, ever. Yes, the head ref gets named multiple times since he’s the one that makes the calls. But the rest? Baseball does it, but not football and it was only that one game.


1- Why does a ball that is tipped or dropped by the receiver count as an interception to the Quarterback? A tipped ball by the defense before it gets to the receiver? Yes, that is on the QB. But once the receiver has touched it? How is that the QB’s fault?

2- Watching the refs on Thursday night was pretty funny. Never seen them get that much attention pre-game and they walked onto the field with a lot of swagger. Think this has given them a little bit of ego? Of course it didn’t last long. First call goes against the home team, right or not, and the boos start falling. Wonder how the swagger was at the end of the game?

3- In the offseason the Buffalo Bills added some beef upfront. Why? To stop the Patriots. They picked up Mark Anderson, the Patriots leading sacker in the 2011 season, and spent a ton of money on the Texans’ Mario Williams, a former number one pick. They made Williams the highest paid defensive player in the league.

Where were they on Sunday? Never heard Williams name called. At all. And the Patriots had a patchwork offensive line. Their best player on the line, Logan Mankins, wasn’t playing. Two 100 yard rushers. Two receives getting over 100 yards. So much for the Bills having a dominate D-Line.

4- And speaking of defense… or lack of… What happened to the Jets? Are you telling me that Revis meant that much to the team? Really? The 49ers aren’t known for their down field passing. So the loss of Revis shouldn’t have had that big an impact on this game. So where was the defense? Rex Ryan was right, in his postgame press conference, they got their asses kicked.

104 yards passing, 150 yards total offense wasn’t good either. Tebow time?

5- Yes, it is Tebow time. Sanchez just can’t get it done. He’s regressed every year. It’s time to cut your losses. The Jets have to hope that Tebow can provide a spark like he did for Denver last year. But they need to make the change, even if Tebow doesn’t pull a Denver, and is just average. They need to make the change.

And then next draft, it’s first round QB time for the Jets.

6- I wonder how pissed Troy Aikman was with Joe Buck calling him out on getting the name of Randall Cobb wrong?

7- During the Packers game, they went for it on 4th and inches, in their own territory, in the 2nd quarter. The announcers called it a risky decision.

Uhm… no, no it wasn’t. That was the perfect time to call that play. 4th down plays, fake field goals, onside kicks, all that stuff works when the opposing team isn’t expecting it. That is the perfect time to do it. Doing it when they know you are going to? Doesn’t go over as well.

So no, it wasn’t a risky call. It was the right call.

8- Joe Buck made a comment about the team being down 14 points and needing to throw more. That’s the conventional wisdom around the league, at least in the announcer’s booths. When down multiple scores, in the second half, you have to start throwing to catch up.

Did anyone watch the Patriots game? Sure they threw a lot but they also ran a lot, and they were down by three scores. You have to play to your strengths and what the defense gives you. In the Pats game, they noticed the Bills were playing them with small guys, so they just ran at them all game. And it worked.

9- I love Football. I’ll watch it every chance I get. Sundays I’m a couch potatoe. Monday nights? I don’t care if it’s a team I don’t like (like this week’s Giants/Eagles), I’ll still watch. And at the end of the year I like Thursday Night Football. But this early in the season?

Not really.

I do like that I get to watch an extra game each week. Instead of the normal 4 (if both CBS and Fox have a game on) each week, I now have 5 games every week. I like that.

But three different nights is too much.

The girlfriend is already complaining about losing me for an additional night. I’m sure she’s not the only one. Can more football be a bad thing?

10- I hate the Fox robot. Cletus? Is that the name?

What is the point of it? What does it have to do with football?

Just part of the reason I don’t like watching games on Fox (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are another).

11- In this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King made a comment about how the regular referees really sped the games up compared to the replacement refs. The figures he supplied were 3:14 for the replacement refs and 3:08 for the regular refs. That’s average game time.

Six minutes. That’s a difference? It takes me that long to get up from the couch, go to the bathroom, grab a drink and get back to the couch. Six minutes is not a difference.

Yes, the regular refs controled the game better. But they made it shorter? No.

12- What’s up with bye weeks in week 4? I can’t remember byes coming this early before. Those teams have to hate it. For the Steelers it lets them get James Harrison and Troy Polamalu healthy again (or for Polamalu, healthier, since he’s always injured it seems like) but I think if you asked them, they would have rather had a later bye. Byes should be weeks 6-10 only.

One last thought…

Prayers and well wishes go out to Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Colts. He was diagnosed with leukemia and will begin treatment. Gets to be a head coach and this happens? Get well and come back to the sidelines soon.

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    • As a Jets fan, I am so disgusted with Mark Sanchez and his regression the past few years. It sure is Tebow Time right now. What the hell it can’t hurt anymore then it already is. I’d say Rex Ryan’s job may be on the line too.
      Good article, really enjoying these.

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