The GeeksverseZero Month At DC: Week Four

Zero Month At DC: Week Four
Published on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 by

It’s the last week of Zero issues in the New 52

Didn’t pick up: All Star Western #0, Aquaman #0, Batman Incorporated #0, Batman: The Dark Knight #0, Flash #0, I Vampire #0, Justice League Dark #0, Red Lanterns #0, Savage Hawkman #0, Superman #0, Talon #0, Voodoo #0

Yeah, skipped a lot this week. Most are series I don’t collect or have zero interest in. Voodoo I did get, and I did pick up the 0 issue, but left it in my pull box as I probably won’t read it. The series got canceled, I’ll just get it to complete the set.

I only ended up with one book to end Zero Month.

Teen Titans #0
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Penciled by: Tyler Kirkham

The New 52 has changed a lot of characters. Some (very few) for the better. Give me a couple hours and I’ll let you know who. Most have been for the worse. This is one of those that makes no sense.

Why mess with the origin of Tim Drake? Especially when replacing it with this.

Tim is a world class gymnast who decides to figure out (and fails) Batman’s secret identity to become his partner. He does this so he can make his parents proud of him.


The little tweaks don’t add anything to the character, which is the only reason they should be done. In this case they cheapen the character.

And where was the Bunker and Skitter appearances? One panel does not count.

Lobdell played with Jason Todd’s origin in Red Hood and now he plays with Tim Drakes. Neither one worked.

2 out of 5

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