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Coming Attractions For 10/10/12
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by

Heading deeper into October, what books are coming out this week?

Click on the link for the full list of new releases courtesy of Diamond.

Books of Interest:
Batman #13 (DC Comics)
Team 7 #1 (DC Comics)
Macgyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1 (Image Comics)
Point Of Impact #1 (Image Comics)
AvX Consequences #1 (Marvel Comics)
Fantastic Four #611 (Marvel Comics)
Red She-Hulk #1 (Marvel Comics)
Uncanny Avengers #1 (Marvel Comics)
Evil Ernie #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Batman starts the “Death In The Family” storyline which features the return of the Joker. Bat fans should really enjoy this storyline, it promises to be a good one.

Team 7 starts the superhuman cold war and maybe fills in some of the gaps in the 5 year history of the New 52, or it’ll just create a mess of continuity problems. I’m guessing it’ll create more continuity problems then it solves.

I think this is the first time MacGyver’s been in comics, and it’s written by the co-creator. It seems a very odd time to be lauching this series as there has been nothing MacGyver related in a very long time. I had forgotten about the character until saw this soliciated. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Jay Faerber’s noir series Near Death was recently canceled and he’s filling the void with Point of Impact, a 4 issue murder mystery mini-series. I liked Near Death so this is definately worth checking out.

Consequences looks at the uhm… consequences of Avengers vs X-Men. I’m hoping this is more like the Fearless mini-series that came out after Fear Itself and that explored some of the loose ends of that series. I hope this doesn’t go around and look at the various characters and could possibly contradict what gets set up in the regular series themselves.

Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four (and FF) was a thing of beauty. A masterpiece. This issue ends his run as well as the Fantastic Four series, setting the stage for the Marvel Now! relaunch by Matt Fraction. It’s Marvel, so you know that at some point they’ll return to the numbering, but for now this is goodbye.

Red Hulk becomes Red She-Hulk. They couldn’t have come up with a better name for this series? I don’t know much about her, having only seen her appearances in Defenders, but the preview I’ve seen looked good. Carlos Pagayulan is a great artist, so the series will at least look good. I’m wondering what made Marvel think this character could hold her own series, so will check out the first issue to see.

Uncanny Avengers. ‘Nuff said.

Evil Ernie returns. Years ago, decades, he was one of the more popular independent characters. Evil Ernie led the way to Lady Death and the rest of the Chaos! comics characters. So in a way, Evil Ernie can be blamed for the “bad girls” movement in the 90s. It’s been a long time since Ernie was in comics and it’s interesting that it’s at Dynamite and not Avatar/Boundless, where Lady Death is.

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    • Grimm Universe #1 from Zenescope hits the shelves today. It allows another entry point into the Zenescope world of retold fairy tells. Like Fables (DC), the Zenescope titles retell these stories with plenty of twists. This could be a great new comic for readers wanting to jump into the long running series and plentiful miniseries.

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