The GeeksverseFlashback Review: Spoof Comics #13: Goat Rider vs Moobius

Flashback Review: Spoof Comics #13: Goat Rider vs Moobius
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by

Spider-Ham is back available in pocket sized trade from Marvel comics, which reminds us of the other animalized spoof characters, including Goat Rider. While Peter Porker, as Spider-Ham, was a spoof presented by Marvel comics, other independent spoofs also capitalized on the more popular Marvel line up.

Spoof Comics is the same small press that brought readers such inspired revisions as Spider-Femme, Wolverbroad, X-Babes, Fantastic Femmes, Superbabe, Hobo, and other gender benders of popular super heroes.

Spoof Comics #13: Goat Rider vs Moobius
Writer Michael Halblieb
Artist Alan Jacobson
Inker Rick Davis
Letterer Danny DeBruin
Cover Artist Garrett Berner
Editor Christina Idone

Goat Rider is a layered pun, both a gender bender of the Spirit of Vengeance from Marvel Comic, who recently became a woman and drawing on the commonly held satanic goat image. Goat Rider has more finesse than Green Lanterns, Hobo, or other Spoof Comics comics. That said this is not quite the subtle anamorphic revision of Usagi Yojimbo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Biker Mice From Mars, Thundercats or Cowboys of Moo Mesa.

Ghost rider revisioned as Goat Rider is closer to the Amalgam Comics re-visioning of the Marvel and DC characters as Speed Demon. It is quite imaginative. In fact, I would say it is a quite colorful black and white comic. The comic opens in early morning of New Dork looking for thieves and milkmen hitting the streets. In flies the Vampire Cow! Moobius thirsts and must find a way to satiate the need. Who can stop Moobius? Why the flaming goat of course.

I wouldn’t have paid $2.95 for this comic originally. I surely wouldn’t have paid $4.50 for the mail order chance to read this black and white spoof comic. Although picking it up in a back issue bin was a great way to read this affordable manner.

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