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Saying Goodbye to Old Friends
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by

Stopping a pull bag is no little thing for a comic book geek like myself. However, in stopping my comic store pull bag I am saying good bye to old friends and stopping that return to nostalgia that I have been enjoying for so long.I probably should have done this a year ago, but I didn’t. My wife and I have had several changes to our personal economy in the past few years. She was laid off, on unemployment, finishing her degree, looking for a job, finishing an internship, newly hired, on maternity leave, and a few other reasons why I should have cut comics from our monthly budget. But we didn’t. I cut back my comic buying. I dropped titles. Although in the end I kept the pull bag and the weekly comic shop visits.

My wife nearly always joins me at the comic shop every week. We make it a “date” every week, driving into Charlotte for comics and usually a dinner in town. We also usually go to the Healthy Home Market and do a little organic or bulk shopping. It has been a part of our routine for years now.  My wife stopped reading comics years ago, because she has had a lot going on, but she has been supportive of my comic hobby.

We have finally reached the decision to drastically overhaul our monthly budget. Comics need to go this time.

My supportive wife has been apologetic and is trying to convince me to keep the monthly comics. I’ve finally made the decision to let comics go for a while. I’ve already stopped by action figures a few months ago and have been trying to greatly curb my DVD buying. It was time to take comics and DVDs out completely.

I know that I’ll be back, but at the moment I’m not picking up weekly comics.

Because my pull list was comprised almost exclusively from revived nostalgia stopping my pull bag is saying goodbye to old friends.

My pull bag list is mostly versions of stories that I knew as a younger fan: He-Man, Batman Beyond, G.I. Joe, Bloodshot, TMNT, !mpact characters, and Venom. Let’s face it, Young Justice is filling my Super Friends need. Perhaps it is nostalgia. I’m looking for more than just homages when I revisit the characters and stories of my youth. I do like odd variations of the same.  Overall, my recent pull bag has been shaped by my youth reading lists. Nostalgia with a few other things thrown in.

Since this is the hardest thing I’ll have to give up I know that I am fortunate. At the moment my nostalgia is stirring up my emotions.

Sooner or later I will be building shelves in a back office closet to stack and store the short boxes and back issues bin.  I want them to be accessible so I can continue exploring the back issue bins. I will also be making a note of the last issues of these titles that I have been regularly reading so that I can pick up where I’ve left off when the comic shop returns to my monthly budget.

Eventually the comics will come back into my monthly budget. I need more strong female super hero books when my daughter starts to read. Admittedly that is a long way off but I plan on having some good comics ready to help her learn to read. I still want my daughter to be raised with regular trips to comic-cons. She has been to a few already her quick seven months. I’ve had to skip the Hickory fall convention and Cola-Con for this year. Hopefully soon we’ll be back on the convention circuit as a family of fans soon.

Although at the moment I am bidding adieu to the old friends, so long, until we meet again.

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