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The Long Bomb: Week 5 2012
Published on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by

The Saints finally won a game. The Colts upset the Packers. Just another crazy week in the NFL.

The Jets went into Monday nights game at 2 and 2, but you would have thought they were 1 and 12 the way everyone was talking before the game. The Jets had been blown out big time, Mark Sanchez wasn’t playing good at all (still below 50% completions) and the fans were screaming “It’s Tebow Time!”.

Surprisingly the Jets played the undefeated (and best team in the league) Texans very tough. They didn’t lead all game, but they held the Texans high powered offense to only 23 points and might have been able to win the game if Mark Sanchez could actually throw the ball. How does a coach not instruct Sanchez to make sure his throws are high? J.J. Watt had five batted balls going into the game. How is that not a subject that comes up in practice? Or did it and Sanchez is just that bad?

Let’s face it, Sanchez is not a franchise quarterback. He’s regressed every year he’s been in the league. It’s time to put the Sanchez era to rest. But Tim Tebow is not the answer. At least not as a starting quarterback. As a fullback? Yes.

Seriously, why doesn’t Tebow line up as a fullback on every play? He could take a direct snap, he could take a handoff and once he’s got the ball he could run or he could throw. He can even block. So why is he not a fullback on every play? Having Tebow there would really make defenses antsy. Do they crowd the box expecting a run? And where would the run come from? Do they hope he throws it? What and how would a defense prepare and stop that?

A lot of people have said that Tebow should have been drafted by the Patriots and Belicheck. That he would have been able to make the best use of Tebow’s talents. How scary a thought is this: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker lined up as receives; Tom Brady under center; Steven Ridley lined up as the running back and Tim Tebow as a fullback. There are defensive coordinators around the league having nightmares right now about that.

1- There were some great one handed catches over the weekend by I think Danny Amendola’s in the 2nd quarter of Thursday night’s game was the best. What an amazing catch well falling and with the defender in his face. What a freaky injury he suffered later as well. Broken clavicle is a bad injury but not normally life threatening, except Amendola’s broke the wrong way and threatened this heart. Thankfully he’s okay.

2- Am I the only one that absolutely hates when an announcer talks about some streak and shows a graphic of it? Because immediately afterwards, the player suffers one. Hasn’t had an interception in awhile? Sure enough, talk about it and it happens. Feeley, Arizona’s kicker, hadn’t missed a field goal in awhile. A graphic highlighting it is shown. Guess what happened next?

3- I know Brees breaking the record was huge (and we’ll get to that in a minute) but to allow the suspended coaches back in the building for it? They’re suspended for a reason. Brees asking the commissioner to allow Sean Payton in the building was too much. It shouldn’t have happened.

4- So glad we got the regular referees back. How many pass interfence calls did they miss? They missed one in the Browns/Giants game and two in the Carolina/Seahawks game and pretty sure there was one or two in the Jets/Texans game as well. Yep, glad they’re back.

5- What happened to Michael Vick? Shouldn’t he be a better a quarterback by now? Yes, he lost a year or so well in prison (and ask me, he should never have been allowed back in the NFL, but that’s a different issue…), but he’s not as developed a QB as he should be. He still makes what are basically rookie mistakes. When did he become so fumble prone? I’ve never thought Vick lived up to the hype he had, never, but he’s definately regressing now.

6- I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again most likely, I don’t like when they say that it’s a QB going head to head with another QB (and same can be said for pitchers). They never face eachother. It’s QB versus defense. But, that being said, I will miss Brady vs Manning. Thirteen games and I was at Gillette for one of them (thank you James Sanders for the last minute interception to win the game). These are two of the top QBs of all time. They are both nearing the ends of their careers and unless the Patriots and Broncos win their divisions, the chances are slim they’ll ever play against eachother again. I’m a Patriots fan through and through, and I hate Peyton Manning, but I loved the games they played.

The games were nail biters. You could never relax, even when up by multiple touchdowns. Manning was always scary to watch. Edge of your seat up until the clock struck double zeroes. But man, am I going to miss these games.

7- The regular referees blew a big call. The Chiefs should have had a fumble recovery in the endzone. Would it have made a difference? Possibly. Turnovers are momentum changers and the Chiefs only lost that game by 6 points, less then a touchdown. The momentum of that recovery could have shifted everything to the Chiefs favor.

8- Drew Brees passed Johnny Unitas for the most games with a consectutive touchdown. That’s a huge accomplishment. Passing yard records, it’s still big but not as big. There are more games and QBs are throwing more, so you would expect the total yards record to be surpassed. But the games with a touchdown? That’s a bigger one because it doesn’t depend on how the rules have changed or more games being played, it depends on how good the QB is. And now Brees is making it a moving target. Tom Brady could pass Johnny Unitas by the end of the season, but he won’t be able to catch up to Brees until the streak ends, and Tom’s keeps going. Which, with how good Brees plays, probably won’t happen. Brees is younger and will be playing longer so that streak could keep going and going. Brees could put it where no one will ever come close to it again and it could be another 50+ years before it’s broken.

9- I wonder if Sean Payton, who sat in the same box as Mrs. Brees, passed along any notes to her to give to her husband. He’s forbidden contact with the players (unless they’re going to pass a record, then it’s okay if the player begs) but nothing says he can’t say anything to the player’s wife.

10- Poor Brandon Weedon, the 28 year old rookie quarter back for the Cleveland Browns (and doesn’t that just sound old but it makes sense because it’s the Browns). He got bashed pretty big, as well as being one of the “C’mon man” guys in that stupid bit ESPN does (get rid of it, it’s dumb and makes the commentators look like idiots), for the double pass he made at the end of the Browns/Giants game. He threw the ball, it got tipped and he caught the rebound, then threw it again for a touchdown. But it’s against the rules to throw the ball again, can only lateral it (backwards).

Okay, cut the guy some slack. It’s a rule he should know, yes, but in the heat of the moment with the game on the line is he going to be thinking “whoops, I already threw this”. No, he’s going to be thinking “open guy in the end zone”.

Mistake, yes. Worth bashing the guy over? No.

11- Another addition of “coach watch”, where we look at whose on the hot seat.

Pat Shurmur, along with every in the Browns organization, is the most likely candidate to get the axe. There’s a new owner coming to town and he’s going to want to start over, especially where the team is not doing well at all.

Chan Gailey in Buffalo is also going to be in trouble. A lot of money was spent on the defensive line and quarterback. The result? Not pretty. I’d expect to see Gailey, as well as GM Buddy Nix, get the axe by the end of the year.

I wouldn’t bet on Shurmur lasted the season either.

Those are really the only ones who would deserve to get fired, at least right now. This could finally be the year Norv Turner gets the axe. Mike Mularky might not survive his first year in Jacksonville. If RGIII goes down for any length of time, it could mean the end for Mike Shanahan in Washington, but I doubt it. The team played pretty good with RGIII under Shanahan, so can’t see Synder giving up on that combination that quickly.

12- The Colts won a big one for Chuck Pagano, their head coach who was diagnosed with Leukemia. These kind of wins always make every feel good but was it really an indication of the Colts playing better or that the Packers aren’t as good this year?

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