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Quick Thought Reviews For 10/03/12
Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by

The first week of October, the countdown to Halloween. Lots of books being canceled.

X-Men #36
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Brian Wood
Penciled by: David Lopez

I really like Lopez’s pencils. He’s an up and coming talent. I’m not sure what Wood is trying to accomplish with this book. He’s setting up some interesting things but is really distancing it from the rest of the X-Universe. Also wondering how this will tie into Marvel Now!. Because both Colossus and Domino are part of Cable and X-Force, I have a feeling this book will be canceled. Which is a shame because I’m interested in seeing just what Wood has in mind with this series.

3 out of 5

Near Death #11
Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Jay Faerber
Penciled by: Simone Guglielmini

I’m sad to see this series end. Well it wasn’t the best book on the shelves, Faerber’s story was interesting and Markham was a good character. Really wanted to see where it was going. I wonder what notice Faerber had that it was going to end because he did a great job of wrapping everything up in this issue in a way that fits perfectly. Markham is able to take care of multiple problems that fits in character and we got a chance to see how he first met the vet, his only real friend.

4 out of 5

Amazing Spider-Man #695
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Dan Slott
Penciled by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Camuncoli is my least favorite of the current Spidey artists. Stefano Caselli was my favorite and eager to see his work on Avengers Assemble. Interesting story. I like how Stone’s device did the opposite of what they thought it would, but at the same time still had the desired affect. Amping up the spider sense is a great idea. I didn’t like how easily Hobgoblin figured out it was Peter Parker, that happened too quickly and with not enough explanation.

4 out of 5

Uncanny X-Force #31 & 32
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Phil Noto

I haven’t been the biggest fan of this series, a little too inconsistent for me. I do like that Remender has 8 issue arcs. Love that. I get tired of the 4 issue arcs. But that does mean that he has to draw some things out, which these two issues highlighted. They probably could have been combined into one issue. The story is fairly decent, with multiple elements.

3 out of 5 (both issues)

Wolverine #313
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Jeph Loeb
Penciled by: Simone Bianchi

Wow, what a horrible last couple of issues. The Return of Sabretooth was a really bad story. Horrible. What was Loeb trying to accomplish? The big idea out of this was supposed to be how Sabretooth returns. It turns out he never left. It was a clone that was killed. UGH!!!

2 out of 5

Batwing #13
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: Judd Winick
Penciled by: Marcus To

This was a good way to start off after the zero issue, especially how the new character Dawn ties into that issue. I liked the part about the dirty cops and the female having to take the money to be trusted by the rest of the department. I really like To’s pencils. Sadly this will be the last issue of Batwing. The series was decent but just not good enough to last past the budget cuts.

3 out of 5

Anti #2
Published by: 12-Gauge Comics
Written by: Peter Calloway
Art by: Daniel Hillyard

The first issue was non-stop action, not slowing down enough for explanations. This issue makes up for that. There is a lot of information given out and it could end up being boring but Calloway does a great job. He keeps the scenes moving and interesting, so you don’t get bored and overwhelmed with the information. Really good job.

4 out of 5

Pathfinder #2
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Written by: Jim Zub
Art by: Andrew Huerta

Messy. That’s the only word I can think of to describe this issue. Messy. Messy and jumpy writing. The script is all over the place with really poor characterization. The art is hard to follow and well very detailed, it’s almost too much detail. The characters are oddly shaped.

2 out of 5

Earth 2 #5
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: James Robinson
Penciled by: Nicola Scott

It’s a shame that the zero issue ruined the momentum of the opening arc, coming mid-arc like it did. This issue does a great job of showing more of what makes Earth 2 different well at the same time showing the conflict between the Grey and the Green. Well paced and crafted by Robinson with great art by Scott.

5 out of 5
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