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Still More Marvel Now!
Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by

Continuing the trend of releasing one word teasers and following-up with the announcement of the new series, Marvel revealed three more additions to Marvel Now!

The teasers have been one word, a launch date and the creators involved. This has led to much speculation with the fans usually being able to come close to being right. The last teasers released were “Amateurs” (Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie), “Savage” (Frank Cho) and “Superior” (Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli).

Comic Book Resources had the exclusive interview with the creators talking about the new Young Avengers book. I like the Young Avengers and what Gillen and McKelvie want to do with the book sounds interesting. Miss America was the only character I liked from Vengeance so glad to see she’s aboard.

Newsarama broke the story on the new Wolverine book, called Savage Wolverine, to be written and penciled by Frank Cho. This one has me a little worried. Savage Wolverine startes out in the Savage Land, but what happens once that arc is over? Will Cho stick around? The title seems a bit too tied into the setting.

USA Today got to break the story on what “superior” meant. The Superior Spider-Man replaces Amazing Spider-Man and promises a darker Spidey. I like Slott’s Spider-Man so will pick this up but I wonder how much darker he can be. Spidey is not supposed to be a dark character.

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    • I haven’t read Spider-Man since they did their best to.erase the clone saga from memery. Checked back from time to time but things like One More Day or Brand New Day or whatever its called had destroyed most of what I had liked when I was reading. Sad to see they’ve completed the process and gutted Spidey altogether.

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