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Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by

Recently while reading 12 Guage’s The Ride: Southern Gothic I was reminded of a series of short films by BMWFilms as sexy long ads/short films called The Hire.To me, the comparison between The Ride and The Hire is favorable. Short stories revolving around a sexy car. Check. Hire quality talent. Check. The potential to be legendary. Check.

The legendary series of short “webisodes” featured A-list directors such as John Woo and Ridley Scott telling tales of the Hire – an enigmatic driver and the passengers that need his transportation and protection. If you’ve ever wanted to see John Woo, Ang Lee, and other legendary directors do car commercials then this was your chance. Co-Starring Clive Owen and a BMW car each short film told a complete action movie. These were once available on line including A DVD was available to BMW owners and potential BMW owners and fans.

The DVD is still available with a little looking which is good since these are great short examples of these directors.

Then, some of the biggest names in comics bring The Hire to Dark Horse! Matt Wagner (Grendel) tells a story of a spoiled party-girl and her high-speed hunters, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) and Kilian Plunket (Superman: Red Son) team the Driver with a schoolteacher with unfortunate mob connections, Mark Waid (Fantastic Four) and Claude St. Aubin (Dominion) tell the tale of a geeky bureaucrat with a valuable secret and Kurt Busiek (Conan) and Steven Grant (Badlands) with Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Lone Wolf 2100) relate the story of a millionaire businessman facing a very hostile takeover.

Bringing the BMW ad to comics was an interesting choice. This comic is still available at comic shop back issue bins and online retailers everywhere. Just ask.

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