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The Long Bomb: The Picks Week 6
Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 by

Sadly we’re almost halfway through the NFL season. Time flies. This is a very hard season to figure out.

Most of the teams are playing good and can win on any given sunday. Which makes for some great football.

Last week my picks were: 14 – 2
Season to date: 25 – 6

On to week 6:

Steelers At Titans
The Steelers aren’t playing their best football. They defense is old, and injuried, and the offense isn’t as strong. Big Ben doesn’t have a good offensive line. The return of Reshard Mendanhall helped out last week and should give them a boost this week. Jake Locker is still out and well Matt Hasselbeck is a good quarterback, will it be enough to defeat the Steelers?


Steelers over Titans

Rams At Dolphins
Neither team is exceptionally good but both are just good enough to be troublesome for the other teams. The Rams gave the Cardinals their first defeat and the Dolphins defeated the Bengals. This will be a back and forth game, very low scoring though as neither team really has any threats at wide receiver. Brian Hartline is turning into Wes Welker-lite (which is funny since Miami is where Wes Welker first played) but the Rams have an excellent up and coming cornerback in Janoris Jenkins. Will the veteran Hartline be able to make plays over the rookie?


Dolphins over Rams

Cowboys at Ravens
The Ravens barely were able to beat the Chiefs, and Dallas is a much better team. But was that the true Ravens squad that showed up last week or did they fall victim to a trap game? Dallas isn’t playing great football. They are a talented team but they have issues and the Ravens should be able to exploit those issues. Ray Lewis is losing steps fast, but does he have enough left to stop Demarco Murray and the Dallas run game?


Ravens over Cowboys

Bengals at Browns
The Bengals had a misstep against the Dolphins and found out that Miami will be a tough team to defeat. The Browns started fast against the Giants but weren’t able to keep the momentum. The Bengals aren’t the Giants, not having Eli Manning’s ability to come back from a deficit quickly. Will the Browns finally notch a win over the Bengals?

Yes (upset special of the week)

Browns over Bengals

Lions at Eagles
The Lions are regressing. They were a playoff team last year and many thought they would be better this year. Not so. The Eagles are extremely lucky. Mike Vick is a turnover machine this year and they are very lucky they are 3-2. They really should be 0-5 the way they are playing. The Lions have to start playing angry if they hope to make it to the playoffs. Will the Eagles luck continue this week?


Lions over Eagles

Chiefs at Buccaneers
I love the Bucs stadium. That pirate ship in the endzone is great and their cheerleaders have the best outfits, second only to the Saints. The Chiefs just are not good this year. Matt Cassel might be out and they’ll have to turn to Brady Quinn. I don’t think Quinn got a fair deal at Cleveland or Denver, never being able to develop. Will have have learned enough to be able to step into the starting line up and give the Chiefs a win, or can Cassel if he plays?


Buccaneers over Chiefs

Colts at Jets
Monday night was the Jets best game and they lost. Their defense played great, holding the undefeated Texans to just 23 points. That is what is called a moral victory. They still need better play out of Sanchez. Luck and the Colts won a huge upset last week over the Packers. They could be experiencing a hangover this week, ripe for the Jets to take them. Will Sanchez play good enough to win?


Colts over Jets (and then it really will be Tebow time)

Raiders at Falcons
The Raiders are making good strides under first year coach Dennis Allen. The Falcons are playing great with Matt Ryan allowed to throw the deep ball. They’re off to the best start in franchise history. But at some point it has to end and they return to earth a little. The Raiders could be one of those tough teams that are overlooked. Will the Falcons lose this week?


Falcons over Raiders

Bills at Cardinals
The Bills were majorly overrated at the start of the season. They are not playing good football and they are not one of those teams that will play you tough. The Cardinals got off to a great start but fell victim to the Rams and the trap game. This could be another trap game for the Cards. Lose this and it could start downhill momentum for the team. Can the Bills play good enough to win and gain some respectibility?


Cardinals over Bills

Patriots at Seahawks
This could be a trap game for the Pats. Seattle is a sneaky team. They are up and down, with Russell Wilson playing up and down. If not careful, they could upset the Patriots. Will it happen this weekend?


Patriots over Seahawks

Giants at 49ers
Tough one to call. Both teams can win. Both teams are playing pretty good, 49ers a bit better then Giants. Neither team will overlook the other, both know how tough they can be. This will be fairly low scoring. Will the 49ers better D be able to produce some turnovers and win?


49ers over Giants

Vikings at Redskins
The Vikings are playing surprisingly good football. The Redskins are up and down, as you would expect with a rookie quarterback. RGIII suffered a concussion last week and was cleared for practice. Does that mean he’ll play and will he be as effective? Will this be the week that the Vikings come back down to earth?


Vikings over Redskins

Packers at Texans
This is the hardest game to call. The Texans are the best team in football right now. The Packers could easily be. The Packers do have some issues on defense, but as we saw last Monday night, the Texans can be slowed down offensively. The Packers will need to play as well as the Jets D in order to win this game. Will they be able to slow down the Texans?


Texans over Packers

Broncos at Chargers
Both teams lost last week. Both teams showed they could have won. This game will come down to which team wants it more. They are division foes, this could go a long way towards showing who will win the AFC West. Both QBs can use this game. Rivers needs to show that he can be an elite quarterback and Manning needs to show that he still has it. Will Manning be able to force his team to win?


Chargers over Broncos

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