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Arrow episode 1
Published on Saturday, October 13, 2012 by

Arrow premiered this week on the CW with a second chance to watch on Friday. I caught the first episode and it lives up to the teasers as a show I want to see more often.My first thoughts were that they should have let Green Arrow spin-off from Smallville and not reboot the character, but after consideration I understand that a fresh start can be fun. Arrow picks up with the beginning of the character, which is something that could not be done in a spin-off scenario.

Arrow opens with Ollie being saved from the island and returning home to the home he has been away from for5 years.

Ollie is the playboy that one would expect if they know the character. The island has hardened him into the living weapon that he’ll need to be to save the city.

It’s fun.

The action looks good.


Despite all of the positives I did find a few points troublesome. Ollie comes back from the island to his mother because only his father died  in the yachting accident. Ollie now has a sister with the nickname “Speedy.” Ollie’s best friend is named Merlin but unfortunately he is seems to be more playboy than archery champion and threat to the Green Arrow.

I don’t mind changes when they can create a new story point or two to be developed.

I am curious to see how these odd changes are used. Perhaps they will work. So far I do like the teenage sister as a drug using party girl that will need saving from time to time.


The fight scenes are nice. I like how they show Ollie’s reflexes even early in the show in anticipation of the big fight scenes.

I like Ollie’s mother’s new role.


Truthfully, overall it was a fun show and I want to seee more. I have high expectations and hope that this cane meet them.



2 Responses
    • It looks like fun.
      You didn’t mention Dinah Laurel Lance.
      I think they needed to go with a mask. Face paint? really? I hope he is lucky in avoiding brightly lit areas.

      • I thought it was funny when his hood fell off during his first real outing in the uniform.

        I didn’t mention Dinah or her dead sister Sarah. I also didn’t mention the odd mask on the opening shots of the island that looked suspiciously like Slade/Deathstroke’s mask.

        I will be curious to see what happens when other Super characters show up. How will the villains look?


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