The GeeksverseComing Attractions For 10/17/12

Coming Attractions For 10/17/12
Published on Sunday, October 14, 2012 by

Arrow premiered on the CW last week, The Walking Dead premiered tonight. Good time for comic TV. It is a good week for new books?

The full list of new releases can be found on Diamond’s site.

Books of Interest:
Billy The Kid’s Oddities: Loch Ness #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
Ex Sanguine #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
DC Comics Present #13 (DC Comics)
Sword Of Sorcery #1 (DC Comics)
Cyberforce #1 (Image Comics)
Walking Dead #103 (Image Comics)
Marvel Now Point One (Marvel Comics)

I really enjoyed the first Billy The Kid mini-series. It was a good mix of oddness, history and adventure. I have high hopes for this second mini-series. The team of Eric Powell and Kyle Hotz make a good comic.

Tim Seeley does vampires. Ex Sanguine is a new series from Seeley who is working to make a name for himself in the horror comics corner, adding Ex Sanguine to Hack/Slash and Revival. It’s a genre Seeley is good at and this should be no different from the quality of Revival and Hack/Slash.

I’m only spotlighting the latest DC Comics Present because of the oddness of the issue. This start a new arc that introduces two characters into the New 52 continuity, Black Lightning and Blue Devil. Yes, it seems odd that those two would be connected in an origin story. That’s the main reason to check this out.

Sword Of Sorcery #0, featuring the return of Amethyst as well as a new story featuring a new version of Beowulf, was very good. Both stories continue here. Surprisingly both stories were very solid and interesting.

One of the original Image series returns. Cyberforce has been away for a long time and now it’s back and had an interesting Kickstarter campaign to help out. Each of the first five issues will be free thanks to the Kickstarter. Free is always a good reason to check out a book, but this is the return of Cyberforce, one of the original Image comics. That’s also a good reason to check it out.

Like I mentioned at the top, The Walking Dead premiered tonight and Image promises that issue #103 is a great place for new fans to jump into the series. It also features big changes to the book as Rick is no longer in charge, according to the solicitations. Seems like a good jumping on point.

Marvel Now Point One. Should be obvious why this book needs to be checked out, a lot of the upcoming Marvel Now books will be introduced in this special issue. Want to check to see if the books will be worth picking up without spending much money? Then this issue is for you.

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