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Bloodshot News From NYCC: Harbringer Hunter
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

How will Bloodshot be tied into Harbringer and the larger Valiant universe beyond his own title pages? Harbringer Hunter starting in #7.

Bloodshot opened with a bloody introduction of the character and an old mystery that needed to be revealed anew. The first arc helped showcase the new presentation of this 90s character. It is a great start to the revival of this title.

Bloodshot attempting to take down Project: Rising Spirit is a good starting point as he goes against the corrupt group that created him. Nefarious purposes being combated by their own creation.

He’s going toe-to-toe with Rising Spirit, trying to what out what he was, who he was and why.

The character will then have to head back into his own quagmire of a past seeking his true identity before Project: Rising Spirit. That story should also sound familiar in overview to fans of the original 90s Valiant title.

Bloodshot has his former handler working with him, teaching him how to get inside the base and to the specific place there where information on his true identity is held. But getting to there will require Bloodshot to come face-to-face with a classic Valiant adversary, Chainsaw. Chainsaw was a group from the old Valiant, and here we’ve made them into being an earlier take on building superhumans by Project: Rising Spirit before they created Bloodshot. Khari Evans did a great new design for the Chainsaw team, and I’m excited to see what fans think.

Bloodshot will go face-to-face with Chainsaw beginning in Bloodshot #5, and in Bloodshot #7 we’ll have a standalone issue that will delve into the past with Bloodshot’s time as the so-called Harbinger Hunter. We’re going to show how Bloodshot’s paths cross with Pete, Harada and the others, and believe me, there will be some massive repercussions. Bloodshot #7 is going to be one of the key points, the key axles, to which the Valiant universe revolves around.

This is great news from publisher Warren Simmons. Bloodshot as Harbringer Hunter is a great start to pulling the character into conflict with other characters around the Valiant Universe in order to set up a nice dynamic. Keep reading.

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