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DC Nation on Hiatus?
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

Disrupted cartoon schedules can be annoying at best and irksome at worst. G.I. Joe: Renegades went on hiatus to never return for a second season. Young Justice’s odd pause until January may have some fans worried. Watching appointment television is less and less a priority for fans given online options and the inevitable DVD release. Perhaps fans that discovered season 1 of Young Justice on DVD was unaware of the oddly placed hiatus to season 1. The pattern of “it did this last year” is not comforting but it is part of the answer to where did the new Young Justice go?

Other good news, DC Nation will return with more Young Justice, Green Lantern: Animated Series, and those fun little DC Nation Shorts. More cartoons are coming!  Newsarama confirmed that a Cartoon Network representative Tuesday, says all three, Young Justice, Green Lantern, and shorts including Amethyst that was due to premiere October 13, 2012, will return to the network. Unfortunately they will not air on the originally scheduled October 13, 2012 but instead later in January 2013.

Odd scheduling hiatus and odd starts.

Despite being a mere three weeks into the schedule of new episodes, and both series ending their second episodes on cliffhangers,  the erratic presentation of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation’s superhero themed television programs by Cartoon Network continued Saturday, October 13, 2012 when the network suddenly and without warning pulled the programs from air, airing an hour of How to Train Your Dragon spin-off Dragons: Riders of Berk in place of the hour-long DC Nation block.

Luckily, the heroes will return.

The handling of the pulled shows and odd hiatus is less than spectacular. Hopefully it does not bode for the future of entertainment communication. Odd tweets just seem odder than official statements.

Brandon Vietti, Producer, Writer, and Director for Warner Animation on Young Justice started with , “I hate waking up to bad news,” while Giancarlo Volpe, Producer on Green Lantern joked off-puttingly saying, “So allegedly there will be no new DC Nation until January. Did anyone remind Cartoon Network that the end of the world is this December?” before posting to tumbler his “official response” showing a video of Al Pacino screaming “It was not what I wanted!” The producer also directly addressed CN’s tweet, “”Hey #dcnation fans! Have you heard?” Is the new way to start ridiculous tweets.”

Sam Liu, director of several episodes of Green Lantern, as well as multiple DC and Marvel animated films was disappointed in the decision, and gave fans their only hint as to why. “Shows I’d have went crazy for as a kid now considered ‘not popular enough to air’.” It’s unclear who he is quoting in the tweet, or whether that’s any kind of official statement, however.

Brianne Drouhard, animator for Amethyst, was a little more visceral in her reaction saying, “Hey everyone tweet @cartoonnetwork . U R BUTTS. #DCNation.” 

Interestingly, the new episodes of both series went up on iTunes and Amazon as planned, before being pulled later in the day. Young Justice made it all the way to #2 on iTunes’ most downloaded list for television – not for kid’s television or animation, but for television overall, proving there is a demand for the series. Likewise, a fan petition is fast approaching their initial goal of 10,000 signatures – a number that likely means far less to CN than the iTunes stat, as it represents only a tiny fraction of the viewers needed to successfully produce and air a network television program.

While there has been some speculation that Stephanie Brown’s presence, a character that is currently non-existent in the DC Comics universe and reportedly is being kept that way by editorial mandate, could have precipitated the pull, it appears to be a Cartoon Network decision, not a DC Entertainment or Warner Bros decision, as it’s scheduling. Likewise if the problem was with the Milestone characters that appear on the show, especially since animation and publication rights are separate.

Do you want to help? It is always a good idea to buy into and support the DC Nation cartoons and tie-in comics. Ask your local retailer about how you can buy into Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and other DC Nation titles on their shelves. Luckily these are quality products which should make supporting them easier.

4 Responses
    • Honestly, after He-Man was cancelled because the toys weren’t selling, I don’t even know why CN even bothers to make more “adult” cartoons. Over and over again. They always end up pullingthem in favor of their crappy, annoying kids shows for the same reason.

      • Honestly, both Young Justice and Green Lantern are appealing to kids as well as older fans. Anyone aging out of Ben 10 can enter right into both shows. They should work. Although I bet neither sell any toys. Green Lantern doesn’t even have a toy line does it?

        Is it just me or do the special events interrupt the regularly scheduled shows more than the once did? When we were younger and the seasons were 25-52 shows long I don’t remember any skipped weeks.

        Miley Cyrus is on Two and Half Men tonight. That should be a good way to break out of her Hannah Montana image. All shows and audiences need to grow up eventually. What are cartoons for if not superhero stories?

        • Nothing sells toys anymore since they shot up to $15 a pop. I’ve never seen such short-lived toylines and as many shows without toylines as now. As much as I crave the more complex storytelling of modern cartoons (Young Justice is the closest thing I can find to decent DC comics these days) I do miss the blatant toy commercial glut of 80s cartoons. ‘Course, maybe today’s cartoons would be as successful if they’d show more than 3 episodes at a time. You barely even get reruns these days.


      Young Justice is returning! I’m excited that this show is coming back. I was worried for a bit that it might be gone forever.

      I’m less interested but still pleased that Green Lantern will be returning. I’ve not been following it but I hear good things.

      More new Teen Titans? They were a guilty pleasure of mine. I found them oddly entertaining so more episodes sounds interesting. I’ll pick it up on DVD. That show watches better on DVD if you really want to follow the story lines over the seasons. Strangely, it has story lines that run throughout the seasons. That is still my favorite version of Slade Wilson.


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