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“Honor Thy Father” Arrow ep2
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

“I felt closer to you when you were dead.” Comforting words that describe the nearly no emotion Ollie that is not taking over his company, is not connecting with friends, is not talking to his loved ones. Ollie may have returned from the dead in the premiere but it is the second episode where he tries to be a person again. The dual personality of a hero needs both halves to have personality. Ollie is stiffer and grimmer than the party boy needs to be. He’ll never keep the secret identity this way.

Ollie tries, after prompting from his sister, to reconnect to parts of his old life. Ice cream and ex-girlfriends seems a bit rushed. Would you have ice cream the the guy who cheated on you and lead your sister to her death all in the same lust filled yacht cabin? At least at the end of the episode he is starting to realize he needs a true public identity as a secret identity.

Ollie can’t hide those reflexes. In the first episode I was impressed when they showed him catching the bowl the maid was dropping to hint at the super honed reflexes. This episode the kitchen knife was less subtle. It isn’t surprising that someone noticed.

I wanted J. Hartley to reprieve his role. Without Hartley the series is exploring the origin anew. This new Arrow has a large hood to fill. He isn’t there yet. Give him time and he might work out.

Besides a reprising Hartley, who else do you want to see in Arrow? The second episode pitted the archer against more mobsters and a triad assassin. Who do you want? I like the list from ArrowTV. Deathstroke seems to be hinted at already but that may just be a pilot tease. Deathstroke, Speedy, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Batman, The Question are all good suggestions. Batman couldn’t appear in the CW’s half season show Birds of Prey so it is doubtful that he’ll be swinging into Green Arrow. Since Green Arrow was brought into Smallville to be the surrogate Bat billionaire it seems doubly unlikely that the pointy ears will make an appearance. Similarly the Green Lantern might be tied up in movie contracts. However, Deathstroke, Black Canary, and the Question seem more realistic.

Having Green Arrow’s sister be Speedy seems the direction they’re going rather than bring in Roy Harper but only time will tell. Perhaps she’ll make a fine surrogate for the second archer. It is a shame, because I like a good clone story as much as I do a nice drug story.

Wonder Woman is again trying to join the smallscreen line up. Doubtful that a cross over will be in the works but that might be pretty danged cool.

Aside from speculation the first confirmed villain is Deadshot next week.

Until next week, who shot Ollie?

Want more Arrow than just the TV show? Check out the upcoming comic book tie-in.

DC Comics has released solicitation information for the second print issue of the Arrow comic book series, going on sale in January. Not a lot of detail, though coolthat Phil Hester is providing the cover. Here’s the solicit:


On sale JANUARY 30 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
• The first time in print for these digital first adventures, based on the CW TV show!
• In this action-packed issue, The Arrow continues his crusade against the underworld of Starling City!
• But Oliver’s resolve is tested as his secret identity puts him at odds with those closest to him…

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      For a look at who might appear on Arrow check out TheComixVerse Forum.

    • I had a hard time watching this episode the first time it aired because I was babysitting my two-year-old niece, and ended up chasing her around the house for most of it. Sadly, I missed that Deadshot will be the bad guy for next week, so I’m glad that I have my Hopper setup to save all the new Arrow episodes in a special folder on my hard drive. I’m definitely going to watch this episode again, but what I’m mostly looking forward to is finding out what happened on the island. One of the guys I work with at DISH thinks it’s too convenient that the island that Ollie landed on is some kind of training camp. It may not be coincidental, but I’m still excited to learn what happened.


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