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More Alpha in the Spider-Title?
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

Not disappointed enough by Alpha as a short lived side kick to Spider-Man? They’re reprinting it so you can try again.Alpha’s first appearance is being reprinted the same month that Spider-Man #1 is joining the Marvel Now! renumbering movement. Perhaps the two are related. If Alpha reappears in the new series will it make the previous three issues and quick progression from unwanted hero to unwanted side kick to unwanted character worth knowing?

I still can’t picture a shelf of Marvel Comics without Amazing Spider-Man on the shelf. Admittedly, I’ve not picked up the title regularly since Marvel’s Civil War x-over.

Having the new Superior Spider-Man taking the place of the Amazing long running title is odd.

A dark Spider? Isn’t that the role that Kaine fulfilled in Scarlett Spider? It seemed that way during the MC2 titles when Kaine was working on the side of the secretly good and playing odd protector of the Parker family. Odder and odder.

Having someone new potentially under the webbed cowl also seems odd. Superior Spider-Man not being Peter Parker but Alpha is being reprinted at the same time? Will the unresponsible young hero take over the legendary spider-mask? That seems even odder than the quick throw away of the character the first time around.

Intimately involved in the situation including writer Dan Slott and editor Steve Wacker. Alpha’s first appearance is being reprinted. Other than that everything else is open to internet speculation.

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