The GeeksverseThe Long Bomb: The Picks Week 7

The Long Bomb: The Picks Week 7
Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 by

What a wild week 6. The NFL just keeps getting better and better. Any Given Sunday reigns supreme.

I absolutely love that there are so many teams in the middle of the pack this year. I love parity. I don’t want a couple of dominating teams and a bunch of going-nowheres. I want to turn on a game and have it exciting from start to finish, without being able to figure out which team is going to win. That’s the NFL this year and I love it.

Last week my picks were: 7 – 7
Season to date: 32 – 14

Seahawks At 49ers
Both teams are 4-2. The Seahawks barely beat the Patriots, but beat them they did. The 49ers were crushed by the Giants. Would lead you to believe that the Seahawks are the better team? Maybe but this year is proving that records don’t mean much. Harbaugh will get the 49ers fired up, but will it be enough to beat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks?


49ers over Seahawks

Titans At Bills
Neither team is that great, even though both have shown some signs of life. The Bills need to win if they are going to remain competitive in the AFC East. The Titans know they won’t win their division, but they still want to win. Will the Titans will to win beat the Bills need to win?


Titans over Bills

Browns At Colts
Battle of two rookie quarterbacks, but not really since neither QB faces the other directly. The Browns, and Weedon, just got their first win. The Colts were manhandled by the Jets. Andrew Luck is up and down, as to be expected from a rookie quarterback, but he’s shown more ups then Brandon Weedon. Will the Browns record their second victory?


Colts over Browns

Ravens at Texans
Both teams are 5-1. The Ravens new offense is carrying the team. The Texans had looked to be the best team in football before getting slammed by the Packers. The Ravens D, which hasn’t been that great this year, just lost Ray Lewis and their best cornerback for the year. They may be able to recover, but it will take time to get organized. Can the Texans take advantage of the Ravens depleted D?


Texans over Ravens

Packers at Rams
The Packers haven’t been as great as they have been in the past. The Rams are competitive. The Packers looked like their former shelves the other night when they beat the Texans. The Rams need to show they can be more consistent with their play. Can the Packers take their momentum and turn it into a victory over the Rams?


Packers over Rams

Saints at Buccaneers
This is a tough one to call. The Saints finally got their first victory, over the Chargers. The Bucs have shown they can be a competitive football team. I think the Bucs are a season or two away from being true contenders, but I think they will get their under new head coach Greg Schiano. The Saints aren’t going to make the post season this year but will they be able to get their second victory?


Bucs over Saints

Cowboys at Panthers
Every year people think the Cowboys will be one of the better teams. Every year they end up disappointing. Doesn’t help that their coach can’t manage the clock. Cam Newton is regressing this year, he’s in the middle of a sophomore slump. Or is he a one-dimensional player and defenses have figured him out? Will Newton return to form this game?


Cowboys over Panthers

Cardinals at Vikings
Both teams really surprised everyone this year. They are both 4-2 and both are coming off losses, where neither played all that great. Kevin Kolb goes down and John Skelton comes up. Are both teams leveling out or are they still going to be surprising? Is the Cardinals defense good enough to win the game for them?


Cardinals over Vikings

Redskins at Giants
Both teams won last week and both won games they weren’t expected too. The Redskins, with RGIII returning after a concussion, surprised the surprising Vikings. The Giants basically embarassed the 49ers at Candlestick. Will the Giants be able to keep up the momentum? Or will they suffer a hang-over?


Giants over Redskins

Jaguars at Raiders
Does anyone really care who wins this game? Do their fans even care? Bad team against bad team, except the Raiders can be a little more competitive then the Jaguars. Can the Raiders be competitive enough to win this game?


Raiders over Jaguars

Jets at Patriots
I’m not sure what is wrong with the Patriots this year, but they are beating themselves. They really should be undefeated, or at least 5-1 (the one being the Ravens). The missed field goals lost the Cardinals game. And the clock management lost the Seahawks game. Yes, I’m a Patriots fan, but I can still look at the games objectively. The Jets are inconsistent this year. It’s maddening. They play a game like the Colts game that shows what they should be capable of doing and then they play games where they only score 3 points. Maddening. Will the Patriots get their issues fixed?


Patriots over Jets

Steelers at Bengals
This shouldn’t be a tough one, but it is. The Bengals aren’t a top tier team, even in this wild and crazy year. The Steelers should be but they aren’t playing at the level they can play at. The defense is old and the offense is out of synch. Can that lead to a Bengals victory?


Steelers over Bengals

Lions at Bears
The Bears are playing pretty good football. The Lions are returning to their old ways. This could be a trap game for the Bears. They come off their buy and are feeling good about themselves and underestimage the Lions. Will that end up happening?


Lions over Bears

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