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Romero’s Marvel Zombie Comic?
Published on Thursday, October 18, 2012 by

Walking Dead is showing season 3 while Kirkman’s corresponding comic is still going on. It is no secret that the comic & show are inspired by George Romero’s movies. Now Romero is working on a Marvel comic project which of course has to do with zombies.Romero is known for his work in the zombie film genre. His vampire and biker films are less celebrated because they do not fit as neatly into Romero’s overall world creation. Romero’s movies fit together to show glimpses into different characters scattered throughout the post-apacolyptic world of a zombie outbreak. Romero is often incorrectly created as creating the zombie movies. He did however change the rules and flesh out a nice world of secondary creation.

Robert Kirkman, creator of both the Walking Dead (Image) and Marvel’s Zombies (Marvel) has cited G. Romero constantly as an inspiration. Kirkman says interview after interview that the idea behind Walking Dead was to create a story that explored a Romero style world without having it end in two hours. The long running form should be able to flesh out the characterizations and lives of those trapped in this world. By extension the television show on AMC is doing the same. Marvel’s Zombies is a Romero world with capes and tights over the rotting flesh as a gimmick–even though Kirkman has said in the letters column he was sorry he created the first mini series because it will not die.

Kirkman isn’t the only fan of Romero in comics.

Romero is now working on a project for Marvel. The plot is still underwraps. Although the film maker did mention the comic to  Twitch,   “Well, I can tell you it won’t involve any of their on-going characters, there will be no superheroes. But it will involve zombies!”

Zombies! Zombie fans will rejoice that the legendary creator is taking his turn at penning zombie comics. Without tights and superheros it is clear he won’t be working on the Marvel Zombies semi-regular title. So he won’t be joining  Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead), David Wellington (Monster Island), Jonathan Maberry (Ghost Road Blues), Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter) as creators that have shared that title.

The tease to Twitch  does open up a post-apocalyptic world of possibilities beyond the superhero title. Romero has written comics before. He wrote Toe Tags for DC comics as a miniseries in 2004-2005. Toe Tags was based on an unused movie script which finally found its life on the comic page. 

When teaching Romero’s strengths I always point out that he was a master manipulator of resources. His early zombie films were independent films that capitalized on Romero’s ability to bring people together to do a lot with very little. The movies were created with nearly non-existent budgets. Romero’s team convinced the local national guard to show up along the roadside which allowed the crew to film a long shot of military vehicles and personnel to increase the “look value” of Dawn of the Dead. Utilizing comics to bring movie scripts to audiences may be another example of Romero mastering his resources to deliver a narrative.

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