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CosPlay Goes to Elementary School?
Published on Friday, October 19, 2012 by

Nerd power! As a father of a small gal and hopefully a budding geek, stories like this one from Mary Sue and Omaha makes me smile. Young students should always feel free and proud to dress up in smart costumes.  While Halloween aisles are trying to make young women slutty whatevers, third grader Stella Ehrhart dresses as a different person nearly every day. She sometimes uses fictional characters but usually she dresses as historical women. Ehrhart has dressed as Laura Ingalls wilder, Joan Baez, Queen Elizabeth, Billie Holiday, Georgia O’ Keefe, Aung Sun Suu Kyi, and others.

Since the second day of second grade this young cosplayer has been having fun with her wardrobe.  Reportedly most of her insipration comes from the book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century. Instead of fighting the outfits, the school is using the little dress up artist as a jumping off point for classroom instruction. In the article it is reported how one creative student can influence an entire classroom.

prompt classroom discussion, some copycatting and further creativity. When she dressed as Rosa Parks, she and her classmates devised a play and designated different people as the bus driver and other bus passengers.

Stella has veered from the historic women book to be Elvis Costello, Jan Brady, the school principal, and her own best friend. Either way she is clearly having fun.

Every school needs a Stella Ehrhart. Every school needs students that are not afraid to be unique, be smart, and be their own style. It is possible to embrace fun and learning everyday. To make life easier on her mother/costumer, Stella Ehrhart does occasionally repeat costumes. After the holidays, Stella’s mother has convinced the child to wear the same costume everyday. Unlike her classmates, Stella will be wearing a school uniform. That’s always a fun look, but it will be a shame to know that a  mini-Mammie Eisenhower isn’t walking randomly into a third grade classroom somewhere. Although as a parent I can only imagine how much work Stella’s mom is putting into helping her daughter create these various looks day by day and can understand how she might need a break after a year and a half. has the photo gallery.

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