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Captain Power & Phoenix Rising
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Captain Power & The Soldiers of the Future return on a full season DVD, but that’s not the newest news from this short lived sci-fi show.  A reboot of the franchise, Phoenix Rising is in development and may be moving toward being in the works.Ain’t It Cool News had a short exclusive with little information about the new project, apparently it is still largely under wraps. The title Phoenix Rising, is taken from the original motif of the emblem. The show will explore the back stories of characters and the origins of the world created as a warzone in the original show.The format is shifting to a hour long weekly drama. The show won’t be confused as a kids show anymore.

As a show Captain Power had a few problems in its original iteration. The show had a toy line therefore it must be a kids show, except that it didn’t quite move that way. The flashing lights and robotic minions were not quite kid friendly in context of the stories being told. The toys themselves proved problematic because it finally pushed parents to think the toy-show relation was too much commercial. Parent groups decided Captain Power was too advertising focused seems odd looking back at Masters of the Universe, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.

The new show is supposed to rectify the audience problem by creating an adult show as it was originally intended.

Seems the folks over at Goddard Film Group have been working on a new iteration of CAPTAIN POWER for some time.  There are a number of currently-in-motion factors and details which can’t be released at this time (like which networks are involved with the project, etc.) – but the folks over at Goddard have provided this short…yet official and formal…announcement to Aint It Cool News to get the ball rolling.

Goddard Film Group’s producing team of Gary Goddard, Roger Lay Jr and Eric Carnagey are working with former Paramount Television Senior Executive Jeffrey Hayes,  who was responsible for such television hits as STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION, FAMILY TIES, and CHEERS, to bring back Goddard’s Sci-fi Cult classic CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE in the form of a weekly one-hour drama series titled PHOENIX RISING.

They have enlisted writers/producers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens to develop this next evolution of the series. Recent television credits for the Reeves-Stevens include creating the new science-fiction drama series PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD, the North American spin-off of the UK hit PRIMEVAL. They also served as writers/producers on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE for Paramount and RACE TO MARS for Discovery. More details will be revealed soon…

I agree with the Aint It Cool Article that Captain Power was a show out of time and out of sync. It was a world, a secondary creation, that could spawn new stories and ideas as rich as any sci-fi franchise. This show was poised to be a hit but it just fell short. This show seemed to crash and burn, but a fan base exists and the concept is sound. It is time for this show to rise up from the ashes and bring a little sci-fi back to the TV.

One question that I have and want to have resolved is what will this show look like? A key aspect to the original design and aesthetic was the sparse metalic world and the shiny heroes. The odd chrome look of the cybernetics and hero suits is just plain strange but it works. I can’t imagine this world without the shiny suits.

The production pictures of the RoboCop reboot look down right G.I. Joe rather than the shiny of the RoboCop that I grew up with. That leaves me concerned that a certain Arrow/Smallville realism will be applied to this new Phoenix Rising to put it in line with modern tv shows and movies. Instead, Phoenix Rising needs to be a shiny suited play time that takes the risk on far out costumes. The show could wind up leaving behind a completely captivating aesthetic and fandom on par with Star Trek if it doesn’t wimp out and put everyone in generic fatigues. Watching Cleopatra 2525 or Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda it is clear that more than a sci-fi series is more than the look but the look is a ballsy start.

The neoprene and Velcro metal look is part of the show!

25 years later in 2012 Captain Power is actively being developed again. Continue to show support again. Join the fight for the future again. CaptainPowerReturns.Net

Besides Aint It Cool, check out the Facebook Page. Hopefully it will let slip a little new shiny goodness.

Power On!

4 Responses
    • Yes, but can you still shoot at the TV? Seriously, I always liked the concept of this show and the look of the armor and oddly enough found myself thinking of what an updated version of this would look like when they released the pictures of Robo Iron Batman so I’m curious to see this. ‘Course, if they want those jaded “adults” to take it seriously they can’t have any characters with cheesy toy names like Captain Power.

      • When I saw Transmorphers all I could think besides “why did I buy this” was “this would be a great set to shoot Captain Power on.” Transmorphers takes place in a very Matrix 2/3 like underground bunker with a robot controlled surface world ala Terminator 4. Wherever it was filmed looked like a Captain Power set. Industrial and sparse with a touch of doom and gloom.

        It will be interesting to see what this looks like when they bring it out.

        I’m curious what network they’ll find to showcase the show. It seems like a show Sci-Fi should pick up for its regular schedule. I’m skeptical of a network station making this work but maybe if Revolution and Arrow become hits then it has a chance to bring the future to tv.

        Captain Jonathon Power was almost cheesy. The rest of the show had code names like Tank, Hawk, Scout, and whatnot. Code names make sense in a resistance force. It probably makes more sense than every computer in the world knowing that they need to kill Jon Conner.

      • It’s my understanding- based on interviews and other articles that there will not be a toy tie-in- so no, you won’t be able to shoot at the screen.

        • I’m hoping, as it sounds Andrew is too, that the show will still pulse and flash at least occasionally so the old toys will still shake, tremor, and fly apart. It doesn’t take new toys to keep that old visual.


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