The GeeksverseComing Attractions For 10/24/12

Coming Attractions For 10/24/12
Published on Sunday, October 21, 2012 by

Halloween is fast approaching. What books are you interested in this week?

As always, the full list of new releases can be found on Diamond’s website.

Books of Interest:
Ghost #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
Fury of Firestorm #13 (DC Comics)
Cobra #18 (IDW Publishing)
Captain America #19 (Marvel Comics)
Wolverine: Max #1 (Marvel Comics)

Ghost #0 wasn’t very well received, but Ghost is big in a way because it means the return of Dark Horse’s super hero line. X is coming soon, can Barb Wire be far behind? Hopefully DeConnick’s story can improve from the zero issue.

Fure of Firestorm suffers the same “fate” as most of the New 52 books and undergoes a creative change, it’s second in 13 issues I believe. This time long-time DC writer Dan Jurgens takes over writing and penciling the book. This promises a whole new direction, but will it be enough to save the title?

Long time fan favorites, from the Marvel Comics, the Oktober Guard make their debut in the pages of IDW’s Cobra. The Guard were originally Russia’s answer to the G.I. Joe team, or the Joe team was America’s answer to the Guard, it all depended on who you asked. With the cold war over, and Russia not the power it once was, how different will the new Guard be?

Ed Brubaker has been writing the adventures of Steve Rogers (and James “Bucky” Buchanon) in the pages of Captain America for a very long time. That time now comes to an end. Brubaker has been a fan favorite on Cap, so his final issue should be a good one.

If there was ever a character that needed the Max (Marvel’s mature readers line) treatment it was Wolverine. Looking forward to this one and seeing just how different Logan can be with the kid gloves off. Marvel tried something similar, a mature Wolverine title, with the failed “Wolverine: The Best There Is” which was just a badly written title. The Max line is out of continuity, so that should make the adventures more natural in a mature environment.

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