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The Long Bomb: The Picks Week 8
Published on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 by

Week 8, the midpoint of the season. Which teams are rising and which are falling?

Last week my picks were: 10 – 3
Season to date: 42 – 17

Buccaneers at Vikings
The Vikings are the surprise team of the season, so far, but they haven’t been playing that great the last couple of games. The Bucs are scrappy, they’re playing tough, but just can’t get over the hump. Will they get over it this week?


Vikings over Buccaneers

Seahawks at Lions
The Lions need to win this game badly. They were supposed to make some noise this year, but so far they aren’t. The Seahawks are a tough team to play. They’ve won some surprising games and lost some surprising games. Will the Lions roar this week?


Lions over Seahawks

Redskins at Steelers
RGIII is getting alot of attention and it all sounds similar to what Cam Newton got last year. It’s kind of funny actually. The Steelers aren’t as good on the road as they are at home. This is a home game for them. Will RGIII overcome the terrible towels?


Redskins over Steelers

Falcons at Eagles
The Eagles just fired their defensive coordinator, which is funny because the defense was better then the offense. The new DC can’t stop Mike Vick from fumbling and that is the Eagle’s biggest issue right now. The Falcons are playing good football. They’ve won a couple of tough games. Will they be able to defeat the Eagles?


Falcons over Eagles

Panthers at Bears
The Bears are a tough team to beat. The Panthers aren’t. This one is easy. Do the Panthers have a chance to beat the Bears?


Bears over Panthers

Colts at Titans
This is a tough one to call. Both teams have been playing good enough to win. Both teams are middle of the road in terms of offense and defense. This could go either way. This could actually be a fun game to watch. Will the rookie beat the veteran?


Colts over Titans

Patriots at Rams (technically Loudon)
Even though technically the Rams are the home team for this game, it is on a neutral field. About as neutral as you can get. Except the Patriots have played there before. I don’t know about the Rams. The Rams are a frisky team and the Patriots have issues with the defense. Will the Rams be able to exploit the Pats secondary?


Patriots over Rams

Dolphins at Jets
An AFC clash. This could decide who will come in second in the division and end up missing the playoffs. The Jets are a going nowhere team. They’re stuck where they are. They can’t get better with Sanchez, they can only get worse. The Dolphins are on the rise and Tannehill seems to get better every week. Will the rookie beat the Sanchize?


Dolphins over Jets

Chargers at Browns
Both teams need a victory here. The Browns need to show that they aren’t the worst team in football, again. The team and coaches need to show the new owner that he should keep them around. The Chargers just need to show that they aren’t wasting all that talent again. Will the Browns motivation beat the Chargers motivation?


Chargers over Browns

Jaguars at Packers
This could be a trap game for the Packers. A team they should beat. Playing at home. Needing a win to keep afloat in the division. But this is the Jaguars we’re talking about here and Blaine Gabbert, if he plays, is not at 100%. And if he doesn’t play it’s Chad Henne. Will this be a trap game for the Packers?


Packers over Jaguars

Raiders at Chiefs
Two bad teams. One has some chance of being good, the other doesn’t. The Chiefs are starting Brady Quinn. Will Quinn beat the Raiders?


Raiders over Chiefs

Giants at Cowboys
Ever since the new stadium opened, the Giants have beaten the Cowboys there. Not much of a home field advantage over an in-division rival. The Giants are due for their regular yearly slump. The Cowboys need this win to stay alive in the division. Will the Cowboys finally beat the Giants at home?


Giants over Cowboys

Saints at Broncos
Drew Brees versus Peyton Manning. It doesn’t have the same ring as Manning vs Brady, and of course the QBs don’t face each other head to head. The Saints D is in trouble and Manning is still good enough that he’ll be able to light it up. Brees against the Broncos D? Will Brees be able to score on the Broncos enough to offset Manning’s field day?


Broncos over Saints

49ers at Cardinals
The 49ers are starting to show some weaknesses. The Cardinals started strong and are now fading. Is this the week the Cardinals come roaring back?


49ers over Cardinals

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