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The Long Bomb: The Picks Week 9
Published on Thursday, November 1, 2012 by

The second half of the season begins and we start seeing who are contenders and who are pretenders.

Last week my picks were: 11 – 3
Season to date: 53 – 20

Chiefs at Chargers
Battle of the two bad teams. This could end up being worse then the Chargers loss to the Browns in a 7-6 game. Both teams deperately need a win and this is a division game, making the desperation that much larger. Will the Chiefs finally be able to have a lead in a game this year?


Chiefs over Chargers

Lions at Jaguars
The Jaguars have one win but are not a hungry team. There isn’t that desperation to win feel to them. The Lions need to continue winning if they are going to have any shot at their division. Will the Lions be able to get Calvin Johnson going finally?


Lions over Jaguars

Panthers at Redskins
Last year’s RGIII versus this year’s Cam Newton. Both players are pretty similar in their QBing style. Newton is in the middle of a slump and RGIII is this year’s darling (like Newton was last year) and like Newton he’s losing more then winning. Someone has to win this game. Is this the game Newton’s slump turns around?


Redskins over Panthers

Buccaneers at Raiders
The scourges of the high seas go up against eachother. Both teams are playing tough. Both have a solid first year coach and both have a solid nucleus. The Bucs have a better QB in Josh Freeman. Will Freeman outplay Palmer?


Buccaneers over Raiders

Dolphins at Colts
Both teams are decent and both teams have been on a streak lately. The two teams are fairly identical. Solid performances from rookie QBs and a defense good enough to keep them in games. This is a hard one to call. Will the Colts home field give them an advantage?


Colts over Dolphins

Ravens at Browns
The weaknesses of the Ravens was exposed by the Texans. The Browns are developing a solid running game that can exploit that weakness. The Browns have won two straight. Will the Ravens allow the Browns to beat them?


Ravens over Browns

Bills at Texans
This has the makings of a trap game for the Texans if they aren’t careful. The “homecoming” of Mario Williams isn’t going to affect this game. Will the Texans fall into the Bills’ trap?


Texans over Bills

Bears at Titans
Another potential trap game in the making. The Bears are a good football team, but they are due for a let down game, due to play a stinker of a game that lets an opponent they should beat end up beating them. Is this that week?


Bears over Titans

Broncos at Bengals
The Bengals are a team that can win against almost anyone if the luck goes their way. Luck, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, is a huge factor in football games. The Broncos are playing good football and Manning is better and better every week. Will the Bengals have the luck go their way?


Broncos over Bengals

Cardinals at Packers
This is a dangerous game for the Pack. They’ve played down to their opposition a couple of times this year and it almost cost them (Carolina). The Cardinals started off strong but have faltered and are looking like the Post-Kurt Warner Cardinals. This is dangerous for the Packers because if they play down to the Cards level, the desperate cards could win. And the Cardinals are extremely desperate for a win. Will that desperation beat the Packers?


Packers over Cardinals

Vikings at Seahawks
The once-surprising Vikings are a team that is fast sinking. They aren’t looking as good as the season moves on. They’re still 5-3 but that is deceptive. Was the start of the season more a factor of luck? Russell Wilson is up and down, like the rookie QB he is, but the Seahawks are a tough team to beat with that stellar defense and they have the best homefield advantage in the NFL. Will the Vikings rebound at the Seahawks?


Seahawks over Vikings

Steelers at Giants
Toughest game of the week to pick. Both teams are usually at the top of the power rankings. The Steelers are playing better and the Giants are due for their mid-season swandive. Will the Giants starting falling this week?


Steelers over Giants

Cowboys at Falcons
The Cowboys aren’t a good team. Every year everyone expects them to be better then they really are. The Falcons are just playing too good for the Cowboys. Will Matt Ryan make his future MVP trophy shots look better?


Falcons over Cowboys

Eagles at Saints
I suppose someone has to win this one. It’ll come down to if the Saints D can force any Eagles turnovers. Will Vick hold onto the ball this week?


Saints over Eagles

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