The GeeksverseThe Long Bomb: 2012 Week 9 and Picks Week 10

The Long Bomb: 2012 Week 9 and Picks Week 10
Published on Thursday, November 8, 2012 by

Busy this week so combining the look back at Week 9 and the picks of Week 10 into one column.

Why does the NFL even bother with a trade deadline? Rarely is there a mid-season trade of a big star. I can’t remember the last time it happened. There’s one or two trades, but nothing headline worthy. The last was probably Randy Moss’ trade to the Titans from the Patriots, but that didn’t amount to much. This year the biggest name that moved was Aqib Talib from the Bucs to the Pats.

Which should help out the Pats, providing that Talib stays on the straight and narrow, which considering his history is probably asking alot. This is a good example of the standard mid-season NFL trade. Gets rid of a troublesome part from one team and ends up being a low risk grab for the new team. Talib is definately worth a 4th rounder, even with the risk. The Pats can usually handle a guy like that, keep him focused and even if he doesn’t and ends up a bust in New England, it’s only a 4th Rounder. The Patriots have like 5 of those.

But why don’t trades happen more often in the NFL? Steven Jackson will probably be changing teams next year. Dwayne Bowe, Tim Tebow, they’ll both be moving on. There was a lot of talk about who could be on the block and at the end of the day none of them were. The Chiefs are going no where this year, why not try to get something from a team that is receiver needy? Bowe is worth more to the Chiefs now then he will be in the off season when he’s a free agent and they get nothing. Same with Jackson and Tebow. Why don’t NFL teams make the mid-season switch when they will get more for the pieces?

Trades are huge things in the MLB and NBA. Talking heads and fans spend weeks going over possible trades and then spend more weeks discussing the ones that happen. But it never happens in the NFL.

It should. The Chiefs trade Bowe to Seattle for a 3rd rounder that can move up to a 2nd if the Seahawks sign him long term or he hits some incentives. Bowe benefits from a change of scenary. Seattle gets a good receiver they can use and the Chiefs get more draft picks to rebuild their team. In the off-season when Bowe leaves anyways, the Chiefs get nothing and the Seahawks don’t get the benefit of Bowe for this year and a possible postseason run.

Makes no sense. NFL GM’s aren’t gunshy. They hand out big money contracts right and left. The NFL doesn’t have guranteed contracts like the NBA and MLB. So why don’t more trades happen?

1- What is wrong with the Chiefs? How did they get this bad? And what do they do to fix it? Matt Cassel was a starting-level QB, but he’s regressed significantly. Is it the coaching staff’s fault? He’s got offensive weapons in Dwayne Bowe, Moeaki the tight end, Jamaal Charles but Cassel isn’t what he used to be.

Scott Pioli is a good GM but he’s going to have a helluva time fixing this mess.

2 – So Ryan Clark laid a hit on Victor Cruz in the end zone. The ball was batted away by another Steeler and Clark slammed into Cruz. Cruz lay on the ground, looking unconscious, for awhile and a late flag was thrown. This is a case of the result drawing the flag, not the action itself. The hit by Clark was not illegal in any way, shape or form.

But because Cruz looked injuried, the refs called it an illegal hit and gave the Giants 4 more shots at the endzone. Bad call by the refs.

3- What happened to the game breaks? Those cutaways during time-outs and down time of the televised games that showed scoring plays of other games? I haven’t noticed them the last couple of weeks. Is NFL Redzone “stealing” these away? I’ve seen them during the 4th quarter, late in games, but doesn’t seem as often as used to.

Which is a shame. I liked these. I wanted to know what was happening in other games and didn’t want to have to wait until the Sunday night pregame show (best on TV btw) for the breakdowns. I only watch the nationally televised games and I don’t have redzone. For me and those like me, these game breaks are essential.

4- Hurricane Sandy hit and devastated New York and New Jersey. Up until friday night the Mayor was allowing the New York Marathon to go on. This was the wrong call and they finally made the right one late friday night, canceling the marathon. So why is this different from allowing the Giants/Steelers game to go on Sunday, the same day the marathon would have been?

The football game was away from the devastation and wasn’t taking resources away from the affected areas. The marathon would have gone right through the affected areas and would have taken generators, policemen and firemen away from where they were needed more. Not to mention all the hotel rooms that had evacuees and refugees in them that the marathoners would need. The Steelers didn’t stay in a hotel, allowing those that needed it more to have it.

Big difference between the two.

5- Does Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, not know how to handle the final minutes of a game? He always seems to get it wrong. This week the Cowboys were down by 6 and had 17 seconds left to get a hail mary into the endzone. Desperate? Yes. Unlikely? Yes. But Garrett did such a poor job of managing it.

17 seconds to go. Everyone knows where the ball is going. Why the hell was Romo throwing such short passes? All it did was take time off the clock. Horrible playcalling. Really bad. Garrett blew any chance of winning the game by those calls.

80 yards. Those plays got them within 60 and then they got lucky with the Jones run, but time ran out. The only reason Jones got 30 yards was because the Falcons were playing the sidelines. Anything up the middle at that point would run out the clock before getting into the endzone, so they allowed Jones to go, making sure they stopped him out of the endzone.

6- But have to give kudos to Mike Nolan, defensive coordinator of the Falcons. That u-shaped defensive spread with the linebackers and defensive backs was brillant. Yes it gave up the middle, but there was no way anyone would get to the endzone anyways because of the way the defense was spread. It was set up to stop the receivers/runners from getting out of bounds and the only play that worked against it, getting out of bounds, was one where the catch occured behind the line of scrimmage and Witten only got a yard or two extra.

7 – I think Tony Romo is the new gunslinger in the NFL. Put the ball in his hands and the chances are good he can make something happen. Make him huddle and have the plays called in, the results aren’t as good. Brett Favre was the original gunslinger. He would either make brilliant plays or killer plays. Romo is in the same mode.

The only time the Cowboys had any momentum was when Romo was in the no-huddle and the ball was in his hands. The Cowboys do more of that and they might be doing better.

8- Lots has been said about Mike Shanahan’s post-game press conference after last week’s loss. In it he basically said he was giving up on this season and the players were playing for next season. Interesting to do that at mid-season. The Redskins aren’t out of the playoffs mathematically, not yet, but for all intents and purposes they are.

It could have been a reverse psychology moment. By putting the players on notice, making them play good because their jobs are on the line for next year, they play better this year and the Redskins do better. It might have been. Or it just might have been a coach giving up on the year.

We’ll have to see how the Redskins play the rest of the year to decide which.

9- Last week, or the week before, Andy Reid of the Eagles fired the team’s defensive coordinator. This was an obvious scapegoat move, protect his job by placing the blame on someone else. The only problem with this was that the Eagles D was not the problem.

This week, Romeo Crennel, head coach of the Chiefs, scapegoated his defensive coordinator. He saved his job as head coach by placing the blame for the team’s poor performances on the defensive coordinator.

The only difference between Crennel and Reid? Crennel was the Chief’s DC. In essence, he fired himself.

He basically said he was doing a poor job as the defensive coordinator.

Never seen a coach fire himself before.

Now onto the picks:

Last week my picks were: 12 – 2
Season to date: 65 – 22

Week 10:
Colts at Jaguars: Colts
Lions at Vikings: Lions
Giants at Bengals: Giants
Falcons at Saints: Falcons
Bills at Patriots: Patriots
Raiders at Ravens: Ravens
Chargers at Buccaneers: Buccaneers
Titans at Dolphins: Dolphins
Broncos at Panthers: Broncos
Jets at Seahawks: Seahawks
Cowboys at Eagles: Cowboys
Rams at 49ers: 49ers
Texans at Bears: Texans
Chiefs at Steelers: Steelers

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