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The Long Bomb: 2012 Week 10
Published on Thursday, November 15, 2012 by

Hard to believe we’re in Week 10 of the 2012 season already. As a special added bonus, we’ll have the week 11 picks.

You hear announcers, and media, talking about the “revenge” game, when a player (or coach) goes back and plays his former team. It’s supposed to give them added motivation to play well.

But does it really? You hear the players afterwards talk about how important it was for the other player, or coach, to win the game and the other players rallied behind them. Really?

These are professional athletes, making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, and they need the extra motivation to play well? I can buy into the “chip on his shoulder” over where get drafted, that can be seen as an insult, but revenge because the team didn’t sign you? A lot of the time it’s because you were sucking on the old team, weren’t playing up to the level of money would demand (Mario Williams) or weren’t leading the team back to it’s glory days (John Fox).

Playing to win should be all the motivation a professional athlete needs.

1- Yes, I know the Jaguars are sucking, and have been for a long time, ever since Tom Coughlin was fired (but don’t feel bad Jags fans that Coughlin went and won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants, he wouldn’t have done that with the Jags, because you lack the GM needed to build a real team). But where were the fans? A nationally televised game and the stadium was pretty empty.

Fans and good teams work hand in hand. The fans support the team and convince the owner to go out and spend the big bucks. No fan support and he’ll do just what he needs to in order to make money. Support the team and they’ll support you.

Also need a GM that can build a team.

2- There were some really bad calls against the Jags. I almost thought the replacement refs were back. It was a bad week for the refs all around in the NFL. Replacement ref level bad.

3- Brandon Spikes, linebacker for the Patriots, got flagged for roughing the passer on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Helmet to helmet. Fitzpatrick got off the ground jawing at Spikes. Look back on that play. Spikes did not lead with his helmet, he led with his arms and hit Fitzpatrick with his arms. The helmets came together when the bodies slid together to the ground. That was not a flag worthy hit.

I’m all for player safety and protecting the quarterbacks, but some common sense has to be used. Just because helmets hit does not mean that was a flag worthy tackle.

4- I have to hand it to the guys that make a living talking about football all year long. It’s hard to come up with worthy storylines to write about. I guess thats why there are so many long articles about miniscule items of interest and stories like Tim Tebow are beat to death.

5- Back to the refs real quick. How can they just let over a minute tick away in the San Fran/Rams game? Ridiculous.

6- I hate the Eagles cheerleader outfits. They were designed by noted designer Vera Wang. They make good work-out outfits, but they just don’t look like cheerleader outfits.

7- Was pretty obvious that Jeremy Maclin gave up on that play in the Eagles game. Third quarter and the ball is a little out of reach but he didn’t try to stretch for it because he saw the oncoming hit. You’re a wide receiver, you’re going to get hit, and hit a lot. Make that play.

8- During the Eagles/Cowboys game, which is a divisional game and a decent rivalry, the Fox broadcast team spent awhile talking with former coach Jimmy Johnson, a current Fox pregame commentator. Johnson is the former Dallas coach. Why do we care about what a coach from Dallas, over 10 years ago, has to say about it now? And especially during the game. I watch it for the game, not to hear someone being talked with during the broadcast. That may fly in baseball, but not football.

9- I know New York City got hit by Hurricane Sandy, but did the storm do damange to the football team’s offense? Both the Giants and the Jets looked horrible last week.

Now onto the picks:

Last week my picks were: 9-4-1 (stupid tie)
Season to date: 74 – 26 – 1

Dolphins over Bills
Texans over Jaguars
Chiefs over Bengals
Rams over Jets
Buccaneers over Panthers
Cowboys over Browns
Packers over Lions
Falcons over Cardinals
Redskins over Eagles
Saints over Raiders
Broncos over Chargers
Patriots over Colts
Ravens over Steelers
49ers over Bears

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