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Marvel’s Backlist Reading Chronology
Published on Thursday, November 22, 2012 by

New to a comic series and want to know the events the characters are talking about? Picked it up at a “jumping on point” and want to know what you missed? Well Marvel has given you the means.

Wednesday (11/14/12) I went into my local comic shop, grabbed my weekly pull list and started flipping through them to see what I had. Came across this book the “All New Marvel Backlist Reading Chronology”. It was free and it listed out the major Marvel characters and what trade paperbacks to read, and in what order, to get all caught up on them in time for Marvel Now!

The final cover replaced the Widow with Storm

Whoever came up with this idea needs a raise.

One of the biggest things that prevents a new reader from jumping into a long running book is the daunting task of catching up on the continuity. It can feel overwhelming. That’s why they look for advertised “new reader jumping on points” because those are designed to allow a new reader to get into the series and not be overwhelmed with the back continuity.

Once a new reader is in the series, they then start wanting to find out more. How did Character A get to this point? What is this event that keeps getting referenced? Who is Character B that gets mentioned a couple of times? Why does Character C hate Character D? The writer’s can’t spend the required amount of time fully filling in the gaps, there’s too much new story.

You start hunting down the trades, but in what order do they come in?

Something like this book, the Marvel Backlist Reading Chronology solves that issue. And perfect timing, right at the relaunch of Marvel Now!, with so many new readers jumping into a book. Hopefully Marvel keeps this coming out regularly, or even better makes it a functional part of their website with advertisment in the books themselves.

That’s the end result of this, a growing list of reading order for books, with cross references to other titles that those characters appear in. With more and more digital readers, that seems like something that the big two should start looking into and maintaining. Even for old vets like myself, there is so much history that it sometimes does get hard to keep track of and can even forget moments now and then.

Who do I have to talk to in order to get an online continuity/reading order list done up?

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    • Those are great. Marvel puts them out on occasion. I like the ones that are character or team specific. An online continuity/reading order is sorta done on in the character bios that tells you where the characters have appeared in the past. It just doesn’t highlight what was important and what was background.

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