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Published on Friday, November 30, 2012 by

While not a perfect series, I was always a fan of Marvel’s What If… That was  a great title because it poked fun at continuity and allowed characters to be played with without altering time lines or forcing reboots. Have you ever thought What If…John Woo directed a Scooby Doo movie? What If… is also a fun brain game besides being a fun classic Marvel title.

So, What If…John Woo directed a Scooby Doo movie. Sure, birds would fly up at a climactic moment. Some great guns that never run out of bullets or if they do they are reloaded crazily. What would it look like? Thanks to the internet and passion of cosplayers I think we can answer that question. At least for my two cents this is what I think John Woo’s Doo would do:



Of course, Uproxx answers the age old question, what would happen if Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore had used Velma as a star of Walking Dead?

Velma always knew what to do. I’m sure she’d be fine. Sure, she’d probably be a little more aggressive than we are used to seeing in the cartoon—because if you’re not aggressive you don’t survive Walking Dead— but a Romero inspired episode of Scooby Doo would surely leave a dead stoner, dead pretty boy, dead airhead, and a tough Velma covered in blood. Surely.

Makes sense to me.

What If…Scooby Doo was a period steam punk movie? Gotta love it when Google can answer your questions since passionate costume makers have already thought these scenarios up. CosplayRoyalty is a great site for finding great Cosplayers at work. Be warned, you can spend hours lurking there.

You should also be warned, that if you are Googling random live action Scooby Doo pictures you might find a few sets–and a few videos—that aren’t as family friendly as we like to keep it here on If you thought the odd van ride in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was Kevin Smith being too crazy with Scooby and Friends then you probably shouldn’t go Googling.


I always love when passionate people take the time to express themselves. That is why I like the arts. That is why I like literature. That is why I like comics. It is no surprise that I would also be fascinated with zany live action Scooby Doo fanatics.

When you decide to cosplay Scooby Doo, remember, be bold, be zany, and don’t forget the dog….and the monster!


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