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Invincible #98
Published on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 by

What? You only know Robert Kirman from The Walking Dead? Then you need to catch up. His long running Image Hero book, Invincible, is a fun super hero story for kids that grew up on super hero stories then burned out. Using tricks he learned from reading Savage Dragon, Kirkman is tellingĀ  a long running hero story about a likable, young hero with ties to another world. And alien mustaches. Like with the build up to Walking Dead #100, Invincible will be hitting the landmark 100th issue soon so I want to take a look at how this series makes it to that mark.

Invincible #98 starts an arc entitle, “The Death of Everyone.”

This is the start to a three part arc, but it is not a good jumping on point for new readers. Long time readers should have a treat, so perhaps jumping into the trades is best. Kirkman, like Erik “Savage Dragon” Larsen, is creating a title with an ever advancing timeline. The story compresses time into differing lengths of comic pages but the character is always moving forward. Issue #98 is a world where Invincible has had hundreds of adventures, been sidelined by a disease, and then retakes the mantle of hero alien. The opening pages is a discussion between the original Invincible and the Interim Invincible. Not a good starting point, but a fun happening nonetheless.

I like Kirkman because he is willing to let super hero comics be zany. Dinosaurus is a great example of an odd villain. Super intelligent Dino that is going to destroy the world in order to save it. The maniacal logic makes sense but will have dire consequences.

In addition to Invincible, Kirkman peoples the world with other great heroes. The Guardians show up in this issue. This is an issue full of Kirkman characters.

I like Kirkman because he is a fan that has grown into being a creator and vice president. If all you know from Kirkman is Walking Dead, then you are missing out on other great titles. Invincible is a title to check out. If you’ve let it lapse and fallen behind, then perhaps this is a time to jump back in before The Death of Everyone resolves.

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