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Weekly Reviews For 11/28/12
Published on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by
Harbinger gains a surprising new member, the Future Foundation gains new teachers for 4 minutes, the Red Skull gets Mental

Harbinger #6 ($3.99, Valiant Comics)

Harbinger #6, cover by Mico Suayan w/ Brian Reber

  • Writer: Joshua Dysart
  • Penciler: Peter Briones
  • Inker: Andrew Hennessy w/ Phil Briones
  • Colorist: Iannin
  • Letterer: Rob Steen
  • Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup
  • Editor: Warren Simons

I like Harbinger, it’s been a steadily decent book since it launched. I found, with this issue, that I like it better when Khari Evans doesn’t do the art. He tends to give the characters fat faces and an ugliness. I much prefer Briones pencils over Evans.

The story starts out pretty interesting, looking at the direct results of what mind control can cause on it’s victims. Poor Kris is suffering from what Peter put her through. I like Kris’ strength as a character and having a non-powered person essentially in control will make for an interesting dynamic. I hope Dysart explores the angle of Kris using Peter’s guilt to control him. Faith is a great character. Fun to see her floating around and just full of life. It’s an interesting dynamic, her size versus her abilities. In fact, the only character I don’t like is the main character, Peter Stanchek.

Dysart has donea good job in making Peter unlikable. And I hope he stays that way.

This issue was about Kris and how she deals with the mess that Peter made of her life. And screw it up he did. Dysart played the right angle, with Peter and Kris, having Peter make her fall in love with him. I’ve always wondered why no one else had ever done that, it seems like something a love-struck, hormonely-charged teenager who has mental powers would do. The hot chick won’t love you? Make her.

Be interesting to see where Dysart takes the book and the element that Kris brings will keep it interesting.
4 out of 5


FF #1 ($2.99, Marvel Comics)

FF #1, cover by Mike Allred

  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Artist: Mike Allred
  • Colorist: Laura Allred
  • Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
  • Assistant Editor: Jake Thomas
  • Editor: Tom Brevoort & Lauren Sankovitch

I’ll start off by saying that I love the Future Foundation kids. They make for some interesting stories. I don’t agree with turning the book over to four substitute Fantastic Four members. I think FF should still have concentrated on the kids and maybe brought in a new teacher or two to look over them. I also don’t like the idea of needing substitutes for four minutes. We know it’s going to last longer then that. So why not just skip the pretense and go with what works: the Fantastic Four are going on a voyage and the FF kids need new teachers.

Reed’s concern about leaving the universe unprotected is unfounded. What about the Avengers, X-Men, SHIELD, Spider-Man, Daredevil, etc.. The universe is far from unprotected.

Not a good way to start the series off. And Fraction doesn’t do justice to Scott Lang. Since when has Lang been so whiny?

Fraction does do good with the kids. Those are some funny parts when they are talking. The rest of the cast is pretty boring and when did the Thing become so cheesy?

I think part of the problem is the influence of Allred’s art. It’s so cartoony it almost makes the script turn cheesy. The art is bad. I have never liked Allred’s stuff and this was not his best work by any stretch. The characters just look bad. Horribly bad.

I’m not really seeing what the point of this book is and like other Marvel Now books, it just seems to exist for this storyline.

2 out of 5


Uncanny Avengers #2 ($3.99, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny Avengers #2, cover by John Cassaday and Laura Martin

  • Writer: Rick Remender
  • Artist: John Cassaday
  • Colorist: Laura Martin
  • Letterer: VC’s Chris Eliopoulos
  • Associate Editor: Daniel Ketchum
  • Editor: Tom Brevoort

Poor Professor X. What a tragic way for such a character to go. The Skull is incredibly dangerous now, and he was a top level threat before. Remender writes a good Red Skull. Very creepy. Very in-control. The throwaway line about moving the relationship into a more physical domain was great.

This was actually better then the first issue. Remender felt more comfortable with the characters, especially Rogue. The flashback to when Xavier chose to help her was great. Perfectly placed. Althought Xavier looks creepy in the flashback.

Remender does pull out a device that I don’t like, the unknown child. In this case it’s the daughter of Avalanche, who looks too old. Unknown kids, especially when older, just don’t work because for the most part they end up being too old to be the offspring. How would Avalanche have a daughter that’s 16 (at the youngest)? The Skull gave her the powers, but wouldn’t she be a mutant already if she’s Avalanche’s daughter? Mutants have mutant offspring. Where’s she been hiding all this time?

It can work, but most often it doesn’t.

But man, the Skull with Xavier’s mental powers, is going to be one tough bastard.

4 out of 5

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