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Warlords of Wor
Published on Thursday, December 13, 2012 by

Ella Fitzgerald was singing as I discovered another toy that sets my nostalgia tingling: Warlords of Wor. The height, the bulk, the boots all remind me of a certain He-character at only first glance. Sure, several of these 3rd party nostalgia lines have popped up over the years, but this one has a mini comic!One of the reasons He-Man could Master my toy chest was the included mini comic (and the cool characters and cartoons but lets not get overly picky).

Realm of the Underworld is a similar feeling toy but it misses that tiny comic. So, when I saw Warlords of Wor pop up on the internet I was similarly impressed. Now, I’ve realized they are including mini comics with every other character. At least one of the six page comics will include a Tim Seeley cover.

Minicomics and a developed back story are a nice touch to the beginnings of this nostalgic yet new line. Like the magnet joints, accessory packs, and available unpainted figures this line seems to be well thought out.

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