The GeeksverseNEWS Round-up | Dec. 15–21, 2012

NEWS Round-up | Dec. 15–21, 2012
Published on Friday, December 21, 2012 by
[UPDATED] Changes over at DC’s Vertigo imprint, our interview with writer Fred Van Lente, Brandon Graham on magical wolf genitals, DC backtracks over the Gail Simone firing, and more are discussed in the final News Round-up of the year.

Shelly Bond, Will Dennis, Mark Doyle promoted to key positions at Vertigo

DC Comics, by way of its Vertigo blog, announced the promotion of Shelly Bond, Will Dennis, and Mark Doyle to key senior editorial positions at the Vertigo Comics imprint. From the press release:

Shelly Bond has been promoted to Executive Editor of the Vertigo imprint for DC Entertainment. Joining Bond in her new leadership role are Will Dennis, who has been promoted to Group Editor, Vertigo and Mark Doyle who has been promoted to Editor, Vertigo. All three staffers have spent years under the guidance of outgoing SVP & Executive Editor Karen Berger, creating a continuity in editorial experience.

New Vertigo executive editor Shelly Bond

New Vertigo executive editor Shelly Bond

It’s interesting to see the emphasis in the press release on the new leadership’s relationship with outgoing executive editor Karen Berger, whose resignation earlier this month was met with near-universal disappointment in comics industry circles—science-fiction author and comics writer Chris Roberson ranked Berger alongside Stan Lee and William Gaines as among  “the most influential editors in the history of American comics while lamenting on Twitter her decision to step down from Vertigo and Locke & Key writer Joe Hill paid tribute to her Vertigo work by likening her to a comics version of Maxwell Perkins. Berger helped recruit talent like Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, and Peter Milligan and won three Eisner awards for Best Editor in her almost 20 years leading the imprint, but it was no big secret that she and current DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio did not see eye-to-eye on certain editorial and creative matters.

Bond, Dennis, and Doyle will continue to work with Berger until March 2013, when the handover of responsibilities will be finalized.

Fred Van Lente talks Archer & Armstrong

Our very own Troy Osgood managed to get multi-tasker Fred Van Lente to talk about his work on Archer & Armstrong, and even manages to get him to give his opinion on the film adaptation of his Cowboys & Aliens comics. Good stuff.


Watch one full hour of Marvel Heroes in-game footage

GameSpot has posted video of Gazillion Entertainment’s Marvel Heroes free-to-play MMO/action RPG hybrid for the PC. Check it out below:

Gazillion president and COO David Brevik keeps emphasizing in the video that they’ve gotten the rights to the library of over 8000 Marvel characters for use in the game, but without the capability to create and design characters, that seems like a functionally meaningless attribute—players will still be limited to playing the 25 or so built-in playable characters in the game—although it does open up the possibility that certain, more obscure characters can be made available and playable for a price. The game is looking pretty good, and given the strength of the Marvel license and the free-to-play nature of the game, we can see it becoming a break-out hit to rival some of the bigger MMOs out there whenever it launches next year.

Fox picks up Top Cow book for film adaptation

theoryofeverythingThe Hollywood Reporter writes on its website that the Theory of Everything, written by Dan Casey with art by Thomas Nachlik and  published in November 2011 by Image Comics and Top Cow Productions as part of their Pilot Season promotion, has been picked up Fox for adaptation into a feature film. No word yet on who’s attached to star or direct, but Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins are lined up as executive producers. For those of you who missed Theory of Everything when it came out, here’s the description from the original Pilot Season promotional campaign:

Charles Witten is a brilliant scientist capable of inventing devices that will change out world. Unfortunately, most of the scientific community thinks he’s a crackpot. As does the government, until… a crack team of heistmen rob a bank in Switzerland using what appears to be Witten’s dimension hopping technology. Technology that Witten designed, but never completed…

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine confirmed for X-Men: First Class sequel

Confirming rumors that have been circulating for a few weeks now, Bryan Singer, producer for X-Men: First Class sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past, announced on Twitter that Hugh Jackman has indeed signed on to appear as Wolverine in the film:


X-Men: Days of Future Past is tentatively scheduled for an 18 July, 2014 release date while Jackman’s The Wolverine, the “non-sequel” to 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is set to premiere on 26 July, 2013.

Wesley Morris on The Avengers

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Wesley Morris wrote an interesting piece for Grantland entitled “2012: The Year of the Superteam,” where he muses on America’s current fascination with the “overdog,” makes comparisons between 2011–12 NBA champions the Miami Heat and last summer’s blockbuster film The Avengers, and the significance of the black hoodie as activist-wear. Worth a read, but I imagine his closing comments, reproduced below, might have Joss Whedon and Marvel Comics fans in a bit of a tizzy.

The ironic popularity of the movie and the excitement for that team upend this mythology we hold onto about the little guy. When New York Times film critic A.O. Scott saw little to love in The Avengers, Samuel L. Jackson demanded Scott be fired and dozens of fans concurred. Some of them hadn’t seen the movie. In any case, they weren’t fighting over Beasts of the Southern Wild or Moonrise Kingdom, they were staunchly standing up for a $220 million production. They were standing up for the Big Mac.


Wasp originally slated to appear in The Avengers, Whedon reveals

And speaking of The Avengers, did you know that director Joss Whedon originally wanted the Wasp, and not the Black Widow, as the team’s token Smurfette? That apparently was the case, according to a recent article from Cinema Blend. This raises the question, why couldn’t they have gotten both characters to appear in the film?


It makes more sense now

Video game publisher THQ filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, which is germane to the News Round-up discussion because it puts comic book artist Joe Madureira’s recent departure from THQ-owned Vigil Games, where he was creative director and co-founder, in a new light.


A Kickstarter campaign is born…

Artist Billy Tucci recently spoke to Newsarama about his Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise $25,000 to fund the publication of an updated version of A Child is Born, his graphic novel adaptation of the Biblical Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Tucci has donated the proceeds of sales from prior editions of the book to World Vision International‘s evangelical relief and development charity. And here’s an interesting and unique (only one copy) incentive for backers who pledge $300 or more to the campaign:

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! BILLY TUCCI EATS CROW ORIGINAL ART PACK: He voted for Mitt, but he’s honoring, supporting, and respecting the re-election of President Barack Obama. In appreciation of Billy’s comic book fans from the other side of the aisle, get 1 original Tucci presidential portrait of Barack Obama, “The Man of Our Times,” PLUS 1 copy of the revised and rebranded “Apostle Arts Presents…A Child is Born” hardcover, featuring 2 new pages of story art, both signed by award-winning illustrator Billy Tucci.

The Apostle Arts Presents: A Child is Born Kickstarter campaign runs until 11:52 AM EST, 06 January, 2013. Visit the project’s Kickstarter page to pledge and to find out about the supporter incentives.

Brandon Graham on the Multiple Warheads re-launch and werewolf peen

multpwarheadsinfinityLeaving Proof-favorite Brandon Graham recently sat down with CBR’s Ryan Burton to talk about the Seattle-raised, Vancouver-based writer/artist’s work on Image Comics’ new Multiple Warheads mini-series. An interesting interview that has Graham talking about Multiple Warheads‘ “secret origin”:

I started “Warheads” back when I was doing porn comics for a living; they let me come up with anything as long as it had sex in it. The first story was about this woman named Sexica who’s in a fantasy/sci-fi Russia. She smuggles rare magic organs, so she has a wolf’s penis that she has to get through a security check point and then she sews it onto her boyfriend — then they have sex and he turns into a werewolf.

Amazing stuff. To learn more about Graham’s stint working in the New York <ahem> “mature readers” comics scene (where he wrote and illustrated such “one-handed classics” as Perverts of the Unknown and Pillow Fight), check out this old interview.

Lather, rinse, repeat

Anybody really surprised that DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes is getting a(nother) revamp? Yeah, we thought so. We really, really like Keith Giffen and we’re sure he’ll deliver whatever DC editorial asks of him until they decide to go with someone else, but didn’t the last revamp just happen a year ago, which itself was preceded by a reboot some 18 months prior?


Gail Simone back on Batgirl

Perhaps reacting to the widespread dismay fans and creators expressed over her firing (and not just her firing, but the way she was fired) on Batgirl, DC has apparently re-hired Gail Simone on the book. Posted on Simone’s Twitter account earlier Friday:


While not at all expected and certainly a welcome development, we do have to wonder if this will be enough for DC Comics to increase, or even just retain, its market volume share, which has been drastically shrinking in recent months due to any number of speculative reasons (brand exhaustion, a high turnover of creative teams, etc.).

That’s your NEWS Round-up for this week and for the year. Your weekly dose of comics news linkage and commentary will be back next year, 04 January, 2013. Until next time, don’t forget to READ BETWEEN THE HYPE!
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    • That is a great accomplishment for Top Cow’s Pilot Season. A movie deal is neat. An on-going comic might be nice too.

    • I want Wasp to be a key character in the Ant-Man film.Besides Hawkeye and Black Widow they haven’t introduced any Avengers without their own film yet have they? Both of them were introduced in earlier films. Perhaps Avengers wasn’t the best time for new characters other than the alien threat. Oh well, I still want Wasp to be important in the first fifteen minutes of Ant-Man and then die well.


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