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Legends of Chima
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Chima is a land that was once peaceful but now struggles between two different factions. Legends of Chima will premiere soon on Cartoon Network. It will also be a series of Lego sets. Coincidentally, Legends of Chima was also a free comic packed inside the Lego Club magazine.

This original property will span cartoons, games, and bricks.

This original property will span cartoons, games, and bricks.

Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and other 80s properties may have been in mind when this world was created. It was definitely in my mind as I read the short tale. Chima was a world that shared its resources until one faction, Crocodiles, decided to take control. Now the species have divided up between good and evil for the survival of Chima. Lions against Crocodiles. Sword and sorcery mixed not only with machines but also with animporphic characters in a fun mix.

As a preview this is fun. It is a quick 8 page story with both a full back page ad and a two page spread of character introductions. In true toy hocking style the characters are introduced alongside of vehicles that conveniently look like the upcoming toy sets.

If I had paid for this comic I would criticize the thin narrative, rushed characterizations, even while praising the superb art. Since this was a completely free taste all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the quick story.

This seems like a quick preview that will not be followed up by any on-going series. As  a comic it does not list artists, writers, or even issue numbering. This has the hallmarks of being purely a promotional item. The uncredited art looks like the other short comics in the Lego Club Mag showcasing DC & Marvel & Star Wars mini-figures. Although, Bionicle had a series delivered exclusively to Lego Club members so this could continue. The Bionicle series sent out to club members were credited DC Comics. The 2001 run has 27 issues and can be hard to find if you missed the original mailing.

Chima, the warrior world of various, colorful tribes seems like it should have the potential to build stories. Even with the copious product placements this could be a fun world. The story in the preview, Laval has Chi and Crocs try to steal it, only hints at how complex the world could become.

The warrior motif evokes Battle Beasts, Thundercats, and a score of other properties.

The warrior motif evokes Battle Beasts, Thundercats, and a score of other properties.

The cartoon will be released on Cartoon Network in 2013. Originally it was thought to be a replacement for Ninjago, however the ninja themed brick show has been continued.  LEGO has released a trailer for the LEGO Legends of Chima television series. Check out the trailer on BrickUltra.

While a continuation of this brick world in comic form is unknown, the world will be expanded beyond plastic and television into game play. Following Star Wars, Batman, and other great Lego games, Legends of Chima’s video game branch actually comprises three games. Lego Legends of Chima: Speedorz is a “racing mini-game” that will be available today on and tomorrow on iOS. Lego Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey, coming to 3DS and Vita in the summer and DS in the fall, is an “amazing adventure” starring the warrior Laval, who is basically Lion-O from the Thundercats in this reviewers mind. Lego Legends of Chima Online is the most ambitious of the three games, a free-to-play “online world” from WB Montreal that lets players build weapons and structures, and interact with the Chima characters in missions due out this fall.

Even without confirmation of any more comics, hopefully Laval, Eriz, Worriz, Cragger, and Razar will see comic form again.

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