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Star Wars Rumors and Rumors
Published on Monday, January 7, 2013 by

I suppose the plethora of upcoming Star Wars announcements and near misses will be news worthy or at least Disney will be pushing them as news. Rumors about projects and potential projects are already swirling. In addition to the sequel trilogy and TV possible movies, now Wes Anderson and J.J. Abrams are being mentioned as playing roles in the future of the Star Wars franchise. Wes Anderson is the quirky film auteur that is best known for Rushmore and Life Aquatic, but he apparently thinks he can hop into the space opera game with a back story probing movie about Han Solo. Abrams reportedly has turned down the chance to direct a Star Wars film.

One fan wanting to create a Star Wars film and one film wanting to pass. Anderson has no action movie experience but feels he understands the characters. Abrams has recent space credit but is moving on because a brand loyalty to Trek and the original films.

Dissimilarly, Guillermo del Toro turned down Star Wars VII because he was already too busy and while reportedly flattered he did not make it past a phone cal.

This is probably the way news items will fall about the next films until fans finally see product on screen. Star Wars VII is due out in 2015.

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