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The Week In Troy #13.03
Published on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by

This was a pretty slow week (and yes, it’s getting published late). Read some comics, in the middle of the book, and recommend an excellent tv show. Are you looking forward to the Age of Ultron? I’m not.

Marvel released their April Solicitations today and the Age of Ultron is strong in the pages. So many of the books storylines get interupted for it. Age of Ultron, if you didn’t know, was originally planned a long time ago, like when Bendis first restarted the Avengers and New Avengers. It was teased in the first issues. It took years to develop and now it’s coming.

Part of it involves continuity issues because it had already been written/drawn prior to Marvel Now! I love Bryan Hitch’s artwork, and the project was developed especially for him and Bendis, but at what point do you either:
1- Cancel it altogether because the story no longer fits with the current MU.
2- Rewrite it to fit with the current MU and find a new artist that can keep up the schedule
3- Scrap it altogether

I’m not looking forward to this at all. Not only does it disrupt story lines that are just developing, some of the titles get special AoU one-shots to compensate for that, but it also doesn’t fit with current continuity.

Was I originally looking forward to it? Hell yeah. But not now. I’d rather it didn’t happen.

    Comics Read This Week:

Shadowman #3, Wolverine & The X-Men #23. All-New X-Men #6, G.I. Joe #21

EARTH2_Cv8_varEarth 2
Published by: DC Comics
Written by: James Robinson
Penciled by: Yildiray Cinar

Really love how Robinson is having fun with this title. There’s just so much he can do, so much he can cover. A lot of history gets hinted at in this issue, how Steppenwolf had help, more of the world politics. Interesting the level of technology the world has shown, reverse engineering Apocalypse tech? I’m glad that the book is truly Earth 2 and not just Justice Society. This is a completey new world and probably one of the Top Five books from the New 52.

5 out of 5

Scarlet Spider #10, 11, 12, 12.1, 13
Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Chris Yost
Penciled by: Various

Yeah, had a lot to get caught up on. I’m liking the book but Yost spends too much time on Kaine and “I’m a monster”. By now it should be settled, and it seemed to be at the end of 12.1, but again in 13 we’re right back at “I”m a monster”. That is getting annoying. There’s no growth if Kaine keeps saying the same thing over and over.

More time needs to be spent on the supporting cast and the books needs a solid artist that stays for awhile to help set the tone. This changing of artists every issue is a DC thing, not Marvel. Pick an artist and stay with him.

And I realize the Minimum Carnage crossover was meant to help boost sales for Scarlet Spider and Venom, but I hate crossovers like that. I don’t read Venom, I’m not going to pick it up for two issues, and I miss a ton of the story. There’s a reason I’m not picking up any book that has the X-Termination cross-over.

3 out of 5

    What I Read:

Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothruss

It really should read “What I’m Reading” since I’m in the middle of the book. I had looked at the first book, Name Of The Wind, at the bookstore a lot and something kept keeping me from reading it. A friend recommended it, and I picked it up and enjoyed it. So now I’m in the middle of the second book and liking it.

But now comes the bad part. Once I’m done, the 3rd book isn’t out yet and there’s no release date.

I hate when this happens.

    What I Watched:

Person Of Interest

There are only a handful of shows that the girlfriend and I watch. Most of them are genre based (Warehouse 13, The Walking Dead, etc..) and very rarely does a network show catch our attention. The pedigree of Person of Interest was what first got my attention. It stars Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson (Ben Linus from Lost). It as created by Jonathan Nolan.

The basic plot is this: After 9/11 Emerson’s Harold Finch created a super-computer that reads all the e-mails, listens to all the phone calls, watches all the cameras in New York City and takes that data and looks for potential terrorist targets. It sends that data to the government but along the way it picks up “irrelevants”, normal people that are in danger but don’t pose a threat to National Security. The government doesn’t care about those but Finch does. He recruits Caviezel’s John Reese, a former military and CIA operative, to be his “enforcer” and protect the irrelevants.

The basic plot might sound a little repetitive, and it is, but the creators of the show have done an amazing job creating depth and heart. The two main characters are injured souls and together, and through their work, you see them grow and evolve and become good people. We see flashbacks in history, how the machine was created and what Reese did for the military. His background comes back to haunt them, as do rival hackers, corrupt cops and organized crime.

There is a large universe being created here and the stories of the irrelevants always have heart and depth to them. They aren’t paint by numbers. The writers really go all out on this show.

And Enrico Colantoni’s Carl Elias is the best mob boss I’ve seen on tv in a long time. Such an amazing character who is played perfectly by Colantoni. Also, can’t forget Lionel Fusco, the corrupt cop that Reese blackmails into working for him. Fusco’s journey is interesting, watching him go from corrupt cop to hero. It’s almost as good as Reese’s journey.

A great show, and if you’re not watching it, be sure to check it out. Thursdays at nine on CBS.


    And On The Toy Front:

The G.I. Joe Club just posted the brochure for this year’s convention and it includes details on the exclusive sets this year. I have to say I’m very excited. I’m skipping all other conventions (including Toy Fair and New York Comic-Con) so I can go to Joecon in Indianapolis. I’m very happy that the set is one that I really want.

Night Force. Charbroil, Hit ‘n Run, Repeater, Psyche-Out, Muskrat, Spearhead (w/ Max) versus the Cobra Demolition Team consisting of Cobra Mortal, Cobra Letal, new female character Crimson Asp, Frag-Vipers (x3) and SAW-Vipers (x3). Hit ‘n Run, Muskrat and Spearhead are three of my favorite Joe characters. I love Night Force. I can’t wait for the reveals to start.

And that’s what happened this week.

One Response
    • Person of Interest is fun. I’ve been wanting to pick it up on DVD and watch it in a marathon so I can make sure I haven’t missed anything. I like the clear shifting time lines in the show. The action is nice. The story is fun. I’ve been enjoying this show when I catch it.

      I like how many “grey” hat characters are on the show. That keeps it interesting.

      I also like how they don’t know if the numbers are victim or perp until they investigate. That keeps it interesting too.

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