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Shipping Woes
Published on Monday, January 28, 2013 by

Yeah, I know it’s my fault, but it irks me occasionally, so I thought I’d rant errr column about it.The problem with spending money is that it is a shallow feeling that only seems temporarily happy when you spend more money. Spending begets spending.

I’ve been trying to reclaim the monthly spending by tightening the belt on comics, toys, and misc. superfluous what not.

Last night I had the itch to drive to the toy store and pick up a few things but didn’t really want to. Instead I found myself camped out on ebay poking around idly. Sure, I had no intentions of buying anything but I wanted to look anyway. That was probably mistake one, but it is my first world problem sort of mistake to make. I chuckled at the up-pricing of toys on ebay. I always enjoy when they want $20 bucks for a toy I can find at all of the local stores for $6. I should have stopped with the chuckle.

Then I found the dollar figures. In fact, I found a Chinese based seller with good feedback that had a ton of auctions that match my particular geeky interests. I bid on a few idly. I lost some, watching the price go up past a dollar and waving bye at it. Then I won some.  I was excited until I remembered to look at the shipping. $1.00 action figure with $3.00 shipping isn’t terrible, but it does make the action figures $4.00 a piece. Not quite what I’d intended but oh well.

The action figures I bought were the 3″ Playskool Transformers Heroes and Marvel Adventure Heroes. $4.00 for a loose figure wasn’t a horrible price overall but I could have went to the local Wally-Toys-R-Target and picked up the figure and a transforming accessory for $6.00. Besides army building the fireman, Chief Charlie or whoever, I really didn’t accomplish saving any money with my spur of the moment ebay purchase. Oh well. I didn’t lose any either really.

Of course, it looks like they are going to start single packing the non-transforming Rescue Bots for $2.99 a piece. If they start packing the people loose for that price or cheaper then I suppose I will have over paid. Alas, woe is me and other self-deprecation.

Now I get to wait for a while for the shipment to come in from the other side of the world. Oddly, the $3.00 shipping isn’t horrible. It would have cost at least that to have it shipped from any continental US state. I’ve always been impressed that I can ship something cheaper from China than I can from an adjoining state. It’ll probably arrive as fast from China as it would to just cross the country by itself.

Odd that. Oh well. I’m getting new action figures! In my mind a horde of construction workers, Cleveland Walkers, and Chief Charlie Firemen give my Marvel and DC Heroes someone to protect. Now I need to build them a construction site for Green Goblin and Spiderman to fight around. Nothing is better for a Spiderfight scene than a skyscraper construction site.


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