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Published on Saturday, February 16, 2013 by

I’ve been saying for a while that while comic book properties and superheroes are hot film and TV companies should create a new hero property.  Comic book companies are stake holders in the profits of the current crop of hero movies and TV shows. It is time for someone to try Sam Raimi’s Darkman concept and create a comic style super hero without a comic book.Super Clyde could be an upcoming original superhero comedy pilot. Greg Garcia, best known for running My Name is Earl is working on the project. Starring in the upcoming pilot is Rupert Grint who is best known for spending most of his life as the actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise.


Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the show will follow Grint as Clyde a well meaning but neurotic comic book fan who works in a fast-food restaurant until he scores an inheritance from his deceased uncle. The money provides Clyde the means to fund superheroic pursuits. Is this a family friendly Kick-Ass? Is this a lampooning of Bat-mythology? Only time will potentially tell.

Described as a “single-camera comedy,” the show will be written and produced by Greg Garcia, while the pilot will be directed by Mike Fresco (My Name is Earl). Although CBS has ordered the pilot, as fans of the doomed Locke and Key TV show know, that never guarantees that the show will be made. Fans that have been following Wonder Women pilot rumors know that not all comic properties make it to airing. Some, like the Aquaman show from a few years ago, only show up as bootlegs found on the comic convention circuit. Some, like the Hulk show may never be more than rumors.

While the list of what could be is often longer than what is, Spawn movie may include an academy award winning actor, Lobo may still have a movie but it will not include The Rock, Justice League’s movie may depend on Man of Steel numbers, and who knows what will happen next. Perhaps Super Clyde will save CBS from being all CSI all week long.



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